Saturday Movie Matinee: Conservatives In The Crosshairs

Bret Baier  took an in depth look at the the targeting of conservatives on Special Report, last night.

Are conservative political activists being targeted? Doug McKelway reporting from Washington:

Truth Revolt: Head of Hollywood Conservative Group: ‘IRS Told Us We Had Been Targeted’:

On Thursday, Megyn Kelly of Fox News reported on a developing story out of tinseltown where the group Friends of Abe — a networking group for Hollywood conservatives — had allegedly been targeted by the IRS.

The report began with Fox west-coast anchor, Trace Gallagher, who stated the following:

The group is called ‘Friends of Abe’, named after Abraham Lincoln, and its made up of 1500 conservative members of the entertainment industry. They gather for things like meals, drinks, and to learn about the political process. It is now seeking 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, so that donations could be tax deductible just like some progressive groups. Getting the exemption would prohibit the group from partisan activity. Now ‘Friends of Abe’ acknowledges having speakers like Karl Rove and Herman Cain, but they deny having a political agenda. ‘Friends of Abe’ says it doesn’t just suspect they were being targeted by the

Dr. Michael Burgess: Weekly Video Address: IRS Investigation:

This week, Dr. Burgess provides an update from Washington regarding the lack of accountability regarding the IRS scandal.

New Power Grab Threats – Boehner: No Reason It Can’t Be Bipartisan YR – Trey Gowdy On The Record:

Trey is now a regular guest on Greta and he never disappoints.

Daily Rushbo: LIMBAUGH: “Obama And The Democrats Plan On Running Against Me And Fox News”:

RUSH: You remember we talked about it yesterday. Obama blamed me for convincing you not to agree with Obama. He blamed me. See, you’re just a bunch of sponges, mind-numbed robots, not able to think on your own. They’re used to people being that way. Their own voters are mind-numbed robots. Their own voters are not curious. They’re not critical or independent thinkers. They just buy it hook, line, and sinker.

You don’t, and the reason you don’t is because of me and Fox News, and Obama’s really bothered by that. What this all means — and we’ve even got a sound bite from a Democrat consultant admitting it. What it all means is that… As the election for the House and the Senate, the midterms gear up in November, what it all means is that if things don’t change, Obama and the Democrats plan on running against me and Fox News.

If they’re going to do that, it means that they’ve got polling data that indicates to them that that energizes their base. Now, it is abundantly clear to Obama and Chuck-U Schumer that you are not gonna abandon me because they criticize me. They’re not gonna pick you up as voters because the rip me, and they’re not gonna pick you up as voters ’cause they rip Fox. (interruption) Well, no. They won’t.

So what are they trying to do? They’re not trying to pick you off; they’re not trying to convert you. They’re trying to rally their base. What that means is they got problems at home. What that means is that Obamacare and a whole bunch of other things have got their own base less than jazzed, less than excited. They’ve got focus group data (I know this is true) showing their base — Democrat voters — hate me.

Eric Holder:  Voter ID Used to ‘Depress the Vote’ of People Who Don’t Support GOP:

Holder generously allows that there may be some people who argue for voter ID in good faith, (I’m so touched) but of course, most evil Repubs are just doing it for “partisan advantage” to disenfranchise brown-skinned voters. And oh, by the way – voter fraud doesn’t exist so voter ID laws aren’t even needed.

Speaking exclusively to MSNBC host Ari Melber, Attorney General Eric Holder sharply criticized state-level voter identification policies and said that he believes those policies are a “remedy in search of a problem.” He added that, while some may be arguing for voter ID in good faith, he believes that most are advocating for this policy in order to “depress the vote” of those who do not support the “party that is advancing” voter ID measures.

“I think many are using it for partisan advantage,” Holder said of voter ID.

“People have to understand that we are not opposed to photo identification in a vacuum,” he continued. “But when it is used in — certain ways to disenfranchise particular groups of people, whether by racial designation, ethnic origin, or for partisan reasons, that from my perspective is problematic.”He added that “all the studies” show that in-person voter fraud “simply does not exist” at a level that requires a legislative solution.

“Not opposed to using photo identification in a vacuum..”  So voter IDs are okay to use other reason other than voter integrity? Unbelievable. This man is absolutely, positively without a question – the most corrupt, radical, partisan and nakedly political miscreant to ever hold his office.

Truth Revolt: Obama Donor Picked for Ambassador to Norway Fumbles Basic Questions About Norway:

The next US ambassador to Norway, George Tsunis bundled $500,000 for President Obama in 2012, apparently knows nothing about Norway. Questioned by Senator John McCain about the anti-immigration Progress Party, which has now joined the ruling coalition, Tsunis had no idea what McCain was talking about. McCain asked for his thoughts; Tsunis replied, “You get some fringe elements that have a a microphone and spew their hatred. And I will tell you Norway has been very quick to denounce them.”

That is untrue. They are part of the ruling coalition, as McCain quickly pointed out.

Stay tuned for more Banana Republic style corruption in a year or two, as the State Dept tries to cover up the next wave of embarrassing scandals that will be coming out of our ambassadorships around the world. Can’t wait to find out what kind of trouble Tsunis gets into.

Daily Rushbo: RUSH: ‘Earth-Shattering’ News On Scott Walker Ignored By The Media:

Megyn Kelly Can Barely Keep It Together Talking About… Broken Toilets:

Fox News Megyn Kelly File: “And now, a new recall that may have folks saying, ‘Oh, crap.'” That just gives you some idea of what ensued, with Kelly getting help from crew members who joined in the crazy revelry.

See also WHD: WH Defends Witless Ambassador Pick:

The White House is standing by George Tsunis, President Obama’s pick for ambassador to Norway, despite a side-splitting confirmation hearing performance in which he averred that Norway has a president, which it doesn’t, and that the Norwegian government had condemned a Party with which it has formed a coalition.

“I can tell you that this president has confidence in all of the nominees he’s put forward for ambassadorial positions as well as other positions in the administration, in the government,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney today.

PJ Media: BIG Government and Why Size Matters:

The Five: Not Fox’s Fault That ‘No One Watches’ MSNBC:

Dana Perino makes a good point.

Get Konnected with The Kronies Action Figures:

The Kronies are in action…Mandating, Tarrify-ing, Inflating, and Boondoggling their way to profits powered by their special konnection to the G-Force. Watch Big-G and his team stomp out competition!

Murmuration (Official Video) by Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith:

A short film that follows the journey of two girls in a canoe on the River Shannon and how they stumble across one of nature’s greatest phenomenons; a murmuration of starlings.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Conservatives In The Crosshairs

  1. Conservatives in the crosshairs? I was under the impression that it was “open season” for at least the last year on the conservative members of the republican party. Senator Schmucky is the least of their problems, as I see it.

    Conservative have been targeted by the Administration, the IRS, the DOJ, DHS and God know how many other government organizations. Of course some of the heaviest artillery that they take shots from are from the likes of: the RNC, Priebus, Rove, McConnell, Boner, McLame, Lindsey Lohan, S.C., Crisp Crispy, Cantor, and of course Rep. Schmucky Lite {a.k.a. Fox News Contributor Petey King}. I’m sure there are a slew more names that can be added.

    The most dangerous place any person, especially a conservative can find themselves is between a television camera and Schmucky & Schmucky Lite. Seems to me that most of them are doing something right, after all “men should be known and defined by his enemies.

    What is not in season and hasn’t been for years now is . . . .”Ronaldus Magnamus’ Eleventh Commandant.” Especially from the idiots who claim to have been foot soldiers in that revolution. If any of these clowns had their way, the entire conservative movement would be on a unprotected Endangered Species List.


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