‘2016’ Movie Producer Gerald Molen: ‘I Never Feared My Govt Until Now’

Gerald Molen, the producer of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary film “2016: Obama’s America,” as well as his upcoming film, “America” (trailer here)  told radio host Steve Malzberg that he never feared his government before he learned that D’Souza is under federal investigation for election fraud. 

According to an indictment made public Thursday, D’Souza has been accused of contributing $20,000 to a political campaign in 2012, even though the legal limit is $5,000, according to the federal indictment made public, last week. D’Souza’s lawyer declared that his client “at worst” was guilty of an act of misguided friendship.

Via Newsmax:

Some, including Molen, believe the indictment is political payback for D’Souza’s film, which was critical of President Barack Obama. Among other things, it raised questions about whether Obama had embraced the anti-colonial philosophy of his father and said his future actions could be predicted based on that philosophy.

“I’m a little bit taken aback by the whole thing because he’s such a great American,” Molen said of D’Souza on Newmax TV’s “Steve Malzberg Show.” The conservative writer and commentator understands the process in America and how it works, Molen said.

Molen, who also produced the Academy-award winning “Schindler’s List,” said he has not spoken to D’Souza since he learned of the indictment, and wouldn’t make comments about the specific case until he’s learned all the facts.

Still, he said he would not be surprised if the probe is politically motivated.

Asked by Malzberg if he ever felt threatened or had any feelings they should not have been making the film, Molen answered, “No. This is America. I’ve never had that feeling,” adding, “I’ve never had the occasion to think that I had to fear my government. I never had the thought that I had reason to think I had to look over my shoulder until now.”

But, he said, he wouldn’t be intimidated out of pursuing future projects.

“It certainly gives me reason to think about it, but no, I won’t back off,” he said. “I’ll keep on doing exactly what I’m doing.”

Note: This video of Molen’s interview with Steve Malzberg cuts off prematurely – before Molen is able to answer a question. But it’s the only video of the interview that I could find.

Here is D’Souza’s entire “update” of 2016:

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.


2 thoughts on “‘2016’ Movie Producer Gerald Molen: ‘I Never Feared My Govt Until Now’

  1. He obviously hit a nerve.

    Poor wittle obama can’t stand it when people describe him so well. He’ll need some applause after they change his diapers today.


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