Video: Mitch McConnell Torches Obama In New Campaign Ad

Senator McConnell really brought down the thunder in this campaign ad criticizing Obama – the Divider in Chief. The noted First Amendment hawk released the video ahead of the SOTU to slam the president for being a divider not a uniter. It was  produced by filmmaker Lucas Baiano, and criticizes Obama on unemployment, health care, the IRS scandal and coal.

I like it even more than the also excellent “Abuse of Power”  video the Cruz campaign put out Tuesday. Maybe because the Minority Leader hit on a theme that really strikes a chord with me. As I’ve said on a number of occasions – We’ve never had a such a divisive president before, nor one so obviously full of contempt for half of America – the portion that doesn’t vote for big government. It’s horrifying, really.

Via The Daily Caller:

“The president’s job is to unite the country, not divide,” McConnell says in the video. “His job is to bridge differences, not not aggravate them. To encourage success, not condemn it.”

“The president seems to have forgotten that he was elected to lead all Americans,” McConnell says.


5 thoughts on “Video: Mitch McConnell Torches Obama In New Campaign Ad

  1. Nice of him to come out of his rabbit hole. I guess that means two things: all the hard debate is over and it must be re-election time for mitchy. dirtbag

    If he manages to beat his republican challenger, Matt Bevin, there is no doubt in my mind he will lose in the general election to Grimes.


  2. Nice try Mitch-you’re a worthless minority leader, the latest in a long line. Bill Frist? Trent Lott?? Bob Dole???

    Every one of you POSs, whether in the majority or minority, are equally responsible with the REgressives for the nightmare we’re in right now.

    Rather than hitting the brakes on full throttle, REgressive policies designed to enlarge their base while at the same time, undermining our Constitution, you morons went along to get along by just agreeing to kill ourselves a little slower.

    But we sure can tell when it’s nearing election time can’t we Mitch? You put on your Big Boy undies and pull the moth eaten, Constitutional Conservative costume out of wherever it spends the usual 5 1/2 years hidden away.

    Matt Bevin is exactly what we need and he’s getting the few dollars I have to spare.


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