Trey Gowdy To Eric Holder: ‘Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate IRS Case’ (Video)

Rep Trey Gowdy appeared On The Record with Martha MacCallum to talk about Attorney General Eric Holder’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary, yesterday.

“The Attorney General should appoint a Special Counsel because it’s an extraordinary case where it benefits the public interest”, Gowdy began, noting that 70% of the American public support a Special Prosecutor to look into the IRS scandal.

“If the media leaks can be believed, they don’t anticipate any criminal charges, they can’t tell who’s been interviewed… and we know that the lead prosecutor is one the most politically active prosecutor that I’ve ever heard of!” He exclaimed, later  characterizing her as someone “who has maxed out to the president.” Those things don’t bode well for this investigation,” Gowdy concluded.

The SC congressman had some advice for Holder, “at a minimum, in a secure, classified setting where nobody’s going to discuss what you tell us — update us on this investigation!” Gowdy suggested. “This is not your garden variety robbery case – this is a targeting based on political ideology that goes to the foundation of our republic!”

Martha MacCallum, playing the Devil’s Advocate, said “what they’re saying is, it’s been looked into, it was an unfortunate thing, these were underlings that were carried this out, they were politically targeting groups to basically make their paperwork easier…and they’re saying to just keep walking…”

“Unfortunately for whoever believes that, there are five criminal statutes at play”, Gowdy answered, dryly. And if the facts are as you just recited them, I can think of one criminal statute that they did violate. You cannot target people based on political ideology – that’s a crime! It’s not just bad manners, it’s a crime!”

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Nostrildomus Is Retiring


I know this because lots of people are finding their way to my “What’s Wrong With Henry Waxman’s Nose” post from many moons ago. See, when folks gets a gander at that man’s schnoz for the first time, they run to their computers and google up “henry waxman’s nose” “what’s wrong with henry waxman’s nose” or in one case, today, “henry waxman rhinoplasty” I kid you not.

Well,  we won’t have Henry Waxman’s nose to kick around anymore. Word on the street is – it ain’t fun being in the minority party in the House – so he’s taking his ball and going home.

Ace says “Henry Waxman decides that after decades of doing his best to destroy American democracy, he too wants to spend more time with his K Street lobbyists.

“I just think it’s time to move on,” Waxman [said].

He specifically denies that he’s dropping out of congress after nearly thirty yearsof, um, “service” due to the fact that Democrats have no chance of taking the House.

“I don’t accept the idea that Democrats won’t get the House back,” Waxman said. “I think that the Republicans have nothing to offer. They’re against everything. They’re against everything Obama wanted. They have no alternatives on health care policy. They have nothing to say, they have nothing to offer.”

But I can tell he’s lying because he has a “tell.” That tell is that he’s Henry Waxman, three-decades-long Democratic Congressman from California.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing to add to that.