Saturday Movie Matinee: Bankrupt

 mistersmithmedia: Bankrupt – How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit:

Detroit U.S.A.: Once the most prosperous city in America. With a booming manufacturing sector and cultural magnetism, the city had bright horizons after World War II. But as the 1960′s rolled in, the marriage of Big Business and Big Government overtook Detroit. The central planners in government needed the powerful corporations, and the powerful corporations came to depend on the bureaucracy, too. The marriage worked well for the politicians and for their corporate cronies, but Detroit itself entered a decades-long decline. America watched as Detroit slowly bled people, jobs and revenue. Politicians tried spending money. They tried raising taxes. The more they taxed and spent, the faster the city declined.
Detroit still had its “Big Three” auto manufacturers, until two of its crown jewels, General Motors and Chrysler, imploded in 2008 under the weight of reckless and subsidized mismanagement.Instead of allowing market forces to rebuild Detroit and the auto industry, the United States handed billions of dollars to General Motors and Chrysler.Five years later, the city of Detroit is bankrupt and almost $20 billion dollars in debt. Meanwhile, General Motors has a cash balance of over $20 billion, still owes the taxpayers over $10 billion dollars that outgoing CEO Dan Akerson said will not be paid, and the company continues to benefit from an unprecedented $18 billion tax gift from the bankruptcy.Why is General Motors walking away with billions while Detroit dies?How did so much money change hands between the world’s most powerful corporate leaders and government officials while delivering on so little of the promise sold to America by central planners? Bankrupt: How Cronyism & Corruption Took Down Detroit answers this question, and many others. Complete with the candid analysis of pundits, journalists, analysts and government officials, sourcing of historical news and government archives, and on-scene interviews with everyday Detroiters, Bankrupt sheds light on what happened to Detroit, and who is to blame.And most importantly, it asks “What is next for the Motor City?”

WND: D’Souza to Hannity: Movie ‘rattled,’ ‘upset’ Obama:

Asked about “2016: Obama’s America,” D’Souza said it “does seem to have gotten under President Obama’s skin.”

“And the reason for this is,” he said, “it wasn’t just a critique of Obamacare or policies, but I, in a sense, went into Obama’s world and also into Obama’s mind. There I was at the Obama family homestead in Kenya, I interviewed his brother.”

By tracing the influences that shaped Obama, said D’Souza, “we advanced a thesis that here is a traumatized and somewhat of a mess-up guy.”

The White House was definitely not happy with his film, said D’Souza, noting that “there was a rant against the film on Obama’s own website, which is So we know the film rattled him, we know the film upset him, so whether this is a kind of payback remains to be seen.”

The interview has been posted online.

Hannity then discussed D’Souza’s debate just a night earlier with unrepentant terrorist and former Obama colleague Bill Ayers.

goptvclips: WTAE-PA: Pennsylvania Small Business Hit With Skyrocketing Health Costs From ObamaCare:

PJ Media, Trifecta: Executive Lawlessness: Obama Skirts Constitution in Pursuit of Power:

You don’t want to miss Trifecta’s three part series on President Obama’s Executive lawlessness. In part one, Trifecta looks at Obama’s abuse of power. Hear how Obama ignores the U.S. Constitution and passes law without congressional authority. Is Obama the first American dictator?

National Review: Krauthammer’s Take: So What if Christie Knew about Lane Closures?

Gateway Pundit: Dana Loesch Takes on ABC’s “Young Guns” Pistol Boogeyman Hit Piece (Video):

Today Dana Loesch on The Blaze TV took apart ABC and its latest anti-gun propaganda piece.  This was a great segment with the facts – something ABC could learn from.

“I mean if we’re going to be afraid of things, let’s be afraid of that which actually exists in reality, not some pistol boogeyman born of a gun phobia.”

The Libertarian Republic:  Surprise! Man finds himself in audience full of people he saved as children from Nazi camps (VIDEO):


Sir Nicholas Winton was invited to a special gathering to honor his work in saving the lives of hundreds of Jewish Czechoslovakian children he saved from Nazi death camps. Right before World War 2 broke out, Winton arranged their escape from certain death. In this video from 1988, the survivors gathered to give him a great surprise.

AoSHQ: Skydiver Knocked Unconscious By Accidental Blow to the Head Is Rescued in Freefall by Fellow Divers… The Drama All Captured by Helmet-Camera:

Sometimes I ask, “Is this something?”

I’m not asking that now. This is something. Office Thief –


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