Pat Caddell: GOP Should Hire NJ Democrats To Go After Obama (Video)

Fox News’ Political Insiders,  Pat Caddell, John LeBoutillier, Doug Schoen discussed the Obama/O’Reilly interview with Harris Faulkner, last night, which Caddell called “appalling” due to Obama’s unapologetic stonewalling performance.

The president basically stonewalled on every issue O’Reilly brought up, Shoen noted. “He simply said the facts were not the facts.” And as usual, they lashed out at Republicans for being too soft on the corrupt and out of control administration. LeBoutillier said Boehner is “doing this makeover of the GOP – he wants to look more cooperative rather than obstructive, he doesn’t want to tick off the administration.” He went on to make note of a suspicion many of us on the right share, “Pat and Doug have said to me here that maybe the administration has something on the Republican leadership…I don’t know!”

Anyone with a brain could tell the Republican leadership that he’s not going to win votes by being Obama’s friend when candidates in his own party are running away from him. This isn’t rocket science.

LeBoutillier had some advice for the GOP: “The Republicans in the House need to study the lesson on how to run an investigation from the New Jersey Democrats, who in a month – have destroyed Chris Christie.” Caddell cracked that maybe the Republicans “should hire those Democrats” to go after Obama.

Part One:

Part Two:


President Declares ‘Not a Smidgen’ of Corruption in IRS Scandal Despite Ongoing DOJ Investigation:

White House Dossier’s Keith Koffler brings up another thing from the Obama/O’Reilly interview more people should be talking about – Obama’s total dismissal of the IRS scandal as a big Fox News driven nothingburger with “not a smidgen” of corruption involved – was articulated while there’s still an active investigation going on!Feb 3, 2014 12:47 PM PT
During his pregame Superbowl interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, the president claimed that one of the reasons the IRS Director Douglas Shulman had visited the White House 157 times was to discuss the financial reforms that would prevent taxpayer funded bailouts in the future.

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