Krauthammer: Obamacare Strips Americans of Dignity (Video)

On Special Report, Charles Krauthammer was asked about the recent CBO report that shows that over 2 million workers will leave the full time workforce because of ObamaCare.

“This is the liberal’s idea of the opportunity society. Of course, in a free society you can decide if you want to work, but what ObamaCare does – it’s sort of the essence of liberalism – is that you can then choose not to work, and the people who do work end up subsidizing you.” Agreeing with the CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf’s contention that the law creates a disincentive for people to work, Krauthammer  said it was particularly in a place where you want the incentive because people on the low end of the  ladder need to work “to get the training, the habit and the dignity of work – and this does exactly the opposite.”

Video via Rare:

Via National Review, Charles Krauthammer sparred with Ron Fournier about about the CBO report. In an article at National Journal, Fournier contended that the report is being distorted by the right in order to score political points.

Fournier takes the administration’s absurdist position that the law helps people get out of jobs they were otherwise locked in to because they provided health-care. With Mara  Liasson backing him up, Fournier made the argument that if one takes issue with Obamacare, why not get rid of similar programs such as Medicare and Social Security?

“There’s no argument over those who are either elderly, disabled, elderly, or children who can’t work — what we’re talking about is people who can work and don’t,”​ he countered.

He pointed out that, as CBO director Douglas Elmendorf said before Congress earlier in the day, that the Obamacare subsidies disincentivize​ people from working because they are reduced as income rises. “If you have a part-time job and you’re getting a big subsidy, and you’re offered a better job, you do the calculation,” Krauthammer said

“It’s a huge incentive not to take that job — it’s irrefutable,” he concluded.

The Ultimate ObamaCare Broken Promises Video

Townhall’s Guy Benson has put together the ultimate ObamaCare broken Promises video montage.

Democrats have made endless promises to the public throughout the healthcare debate, the highest profile of which haven’t panned out— which is why the law remains deeply unpopular. Conservatives predicted nearly every one of these betrayals, often with remarkable precision. The law is a mess that has shattered the well-known pledges upon which was sold. Its authors and defenders lack credibility. And the new policy is hurting real people. What follows is a digestible, but by no means comprehensive, video dissection of Obamacare, using only supporters’ words, press accounts, and testimonials from impacted citizens:

Every time I hear Jay Carney robotically repeat the phrase, “affordable quality health care,” I retch. Repeating a thing over and over and over does not make it so.


Guy Benson: Democrats Spinning Madly on Devastating CBO Report:

How does one spin the unspinnable? By trying to convince the country that millions of Americans leaving the full-time workforce is somehow good news. Here’s White House economist Jason Furman doing his best to put a happy sheen on the terrible news, arguing that more Americans will be liberated to not work, or reduce their productivity. It’sall about “choice,” or something:

As I said yesterday, good luck with that. Americans differ on many issues, but there’s near unanimity on the notion that our economy needs more people working, not fewer. Especially with the workforce participation rate at a 36-year low, artificially holding down the (still too high) unemployment rate — which doesn’t calculate those who’ve given up looking for work. The nonpartisan CBO has concluded that the “Affordable” Care Act will cost more than $2 trillion over its first decade of full implementation, will slow job creation in coming years, willretard economic growth, and will reduce the US labor force by the equivalent of 2.3 million full-time jobs. White House spokesman Jay Carney and other Democrats continue to claim that this is good news because people won’t be “trapped” in jobs:


 Democrats are increasingly employing a new tack in the battle over a projected reduction of two million jobs due to Obamacare, saying the decline is actually the result of people not being required to work anymore when they don’t want to — a concept labeled “job lock.” “Yesterday, the CBO projected that by 2021 the Affordable Care Act will enable more than 2 million workers to escape ‘job-lock’ – the situation where workers remain tied to employers for access to health insurance benefits,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office said in a news release.



Just Wow: UN Denounces The Vatican’s Pro-Life Policies

With all of the horrific human rights violations going on throughout the world, right now – political prisoners, genocidal attacks on Christians, etc — this is what the UN Human rights Council focuses on.

The bulk of the report deals with the sexual abuse that went on for years – fair game, and obviously something to be denounced – but  the U.N. committee “also severely criticized the Holy See for its attitudes toward homosexuality, contraception and abortion and said it should review its policies to ensure children’s rights and their access to health care are guaranteed.” Are you kidding me?

Via USA Today:

While most attention has focused on child sex abuse, the committee’s recommendations extended far beyond into issues about discrimination against children and their rights to adequate health care. By making specific recommendations to review Vatican policies on abortion and contraception, the committee waded deep into core church teaching on life. As a result, such recommendations will certainly be dismissed by the Vatican, which has a history of diplomatic confrontation with the United Nations over reproductive health care and similar issues.

Church teaching holds that life begins at conception; the Vatican therefore opposes abortion and artificial contraception.

Members of the UN Human Rights Committee:

The Human Rights Committee is composed of 18 independent experts who are persons of high moral character and recognized competence in the field of human rights.

Members are elected for a term of four years by States parties in accordance with articles 28 to 39 of the Covenant. Members serve in their personal capacity and may be re-elected if nominated.

The membership of the Committees as follows:

Name of Member
Term expires on 31 December
Mr. Yadh BEN ACHOUR (Vice-Chairperson)



Mr. Lazhari BOUZID
Ms. Christine CHANET
Mr. Ahmad Amin FATHALLA
Mr.Cornelis FLINTERMAN (Rapporteur)
The Netherlands
Mr. Walter KALIN
Ms. Zonke Zanele MAJODINA
South Africa
Mr. Kheshoe Parsad MATADEEN (resigned effective 9 January 2014)
Ms. Iulia Antoanella MOTOC
(resigned effective 4 November 2013)
Mr.Gerald L. NEUMAN
United States of America
Sir Nigel RODLEY (Chairperson)
United Kingdom
Costa Rica
Mr. Fabián Omar SALVIOLI – [English | French | Spanish]
Mr. Yuval SHANY
Ms. Margo WATERVAL (Vice-Chairperson)


Father Z weighs in:

Let me get this straight.

While berating the Catholic Church for sexual abuse of children, the United Nations criticized the Church for opposing legalization of abortion… the ultimate child abuse… and wants the Church to change her teachings.


Hat tip: Geo

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Putin’s Winter Olympics Edition

putin afp

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are coming up soon, and this picture of Russian President Putin calming down a six-month-old leopard cub who had just attacked and injured two journalists inside a cage seems to be an intriguing foreshadowing of upcoming events. After all, Russia’s Putin is the same guy who threatened to cut Islamic terrorist’s testicles off if they tried any of their usual antics in Moscow. I have a feeling the games will be fairly quiet on that score, but we’ll see…

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VIDEO: Keystone Pipeline: “It’s Time”

“After five years, five studies, and countless public comments, it’s time,” says Speaker Boehner.  “It’s time to act #4jobs. It’s time to #UseThePen.  It’s #TimetoBuild the Keystone pipeline.”

Scott McKay of Louisiana’s premiere political blog, the Hayride, is of the opinion that Obama, who’s looking ahead to funding his presidential library, is too beholden to deep pocketed left wing environmental groups to approve the pipeline.

…And then there’s the Keystone XL pipeline project that not only could lower oil prices nationally, but also create jobs in state, and for which Landrieu has stumped as has Cassidy. Because of a Senate resignation, very soon Landrieu could take over in the final months of her term the chairwomanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which could be a selling point for her in two ways: a vote for her not only puts her in position to continue in this influential post, but also it could well keep Democrats in control of the Senate, which is necessary for her to keep it, and hers is a seat almost certainly they must win in order to do that.

Problem is, for years now on the pipeline issue Obama has done his best Andrei Gromyko imitation and it continues to go nowhere as he uses every means possible to frustrate not just Landrieu and Cassidy, but congressional majorities and his neighbors of the Great White North as well. Despite yet another study coming back discounting any undue environmental risk from it, he may continue to stall on it to placate environmentalists until after the election. This exactly the testament that Landrieu does not want – she’s supposedly one of the most influential senators on this issue, yet she can’t even persuade a president of her own party to back her. If she can’t get anything done for Louisiana with all of that going for her, somebody new can only go up from there.

I say there’s about a 50% chance that he will approve the pipeline, and if he does,  he’ll wait until the summer to make the announcement in Senator Landrieu’s backyard, with her at his side.