VIDEO: Keystone Pipeline: “It’s Time”

“After five years, five studies, and countless public comments, it’s time,” says Speaker Boehner.  “It’s time to act #4jobs. It’s time to #UseThePen.  It’s #TimetoBuild the Keystone pipeline.”

Scott McKay of Louisiana’s premiere political blog, the Hayride, is of the opinion that Obama, who’s looking ahead to funding his presidential library, is too beholden to deep pocketed left wing environmental groups to approve the pipeline.

…And then there’s the Keystone XL pipeline project that not only could lower oil prices nationally, but also create jobs in state, and for which Landrieu has stumped as has Cassidy. Because of a Senate resignation, very soon Landrieu could take over in the final months of her term the chairwomanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which could be a selling point for her in two ways: a vote for her not only puts her in position to continue in this influential post, but also it could well keep Democrats in control of the Senate, which is necessary for her to keep it, and hers is a seat almost certainly they must win in order to do that.

Problem is, for years now on the pipeline issue Obama has done his best Andrei Gromyko imitation and it continues to go nowhere as he uses every means possible to frustrate not just Landrieu and Cassidy, but congressional majorities and his neighbors of the Great White North as well. Despite yet another study coming back discounting any undue environmental risk from it, he may continue to stall on it to placate environmentalists until after the election. This exactly the testament that Landrieu does not want – she’s supposedly one of the most influential senators on this issue, yet she can’t even persuade a president of her own party to back her. If she can’t get anything done for Louisiana with all of that going for her, somebody new can only go up from there.

I say there’s about a 50% chance that he will approve the pipeline, and if he does,  he’ll wait until the summer to make the announcement in Senator Landrieu’s backyard, with her at his side.

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