Political Insiders: Lawless Holder Overreaching on Same Sex Marriage (Video)

Political Insiders, Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier, with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner took on the issues of the DOJ unilateral action on gay marriage, the jobs report, the devastating CBO report on ObamaCare,  and more, Sunday evening.

Faulkner began the show by asking about Holder’s announcement, Saturday night, that the Justice Dept will ensure that couples in  same-sex marriages will “receive the same privileges, protections and rights as opposite-sex marriages under federal law.”

“It is overreaching, Schoen said.  “It was a politically inspired move – with 2/3 of the states against gay marriage, it is designed to raise money for the Democratic party in the midterms.” LaBoutillier agreed, noting that the gay lobby poured oodles of money into Obama’s campaign in 2012 after he came out for gay marriage.

Caddell came out swinging, “first of all – Eric Holder is the most lawless Attorney General —  since John Mitchell. He has about as much respect for the law as the moon does.”

“They’re playing to get votes and distract young people particularly,” he explained, because they “are more pro gay marriage.” He added that Democrats  do all of these things to distract the young people from the fact that “they don’t have jobs, they’re getting screwed on ObamaCare, and the rest of it because they can’t deliver on what really matters – so they take issues that aren’t very important – but that Republicans are so inept at…”

LaBoutillier chimed in, “this comes 36 hours after a terrible jobs report.”

Schoen clarified that “the merits of the issue  should be litigated in the states or litigated in Congress – it is not something for the president to make law for the Atty General to make law…”

Moving on to the CBO report, Pat Caddell was particularly annoyed by the Democrat spin; “the fantasy that is being perpetrated by the Democrats in defense of the indefensible –  which is a law that doesn’t work – my God I think they’d say that Pearl Harbor was a success,” he quipped.

“I wouldn’t go that far!” Shoen replied, slightly taken aback.

Caddell answered that it’s like Democrats are getting in the American peoples’ faces and telling them that they’re idiots. After further discussion of the “fundamental transformation” we’re witnessing with the enactment of ObamaCare, Caddell reiterated his point, “What bothers me the most, is the fantasizing here, he lamented.  “The trying to turn dung into something nice – something  wonderful. The White House comes out with this answer form Alice in Wonderland.”

They also discussed the alarming situation that has been developing in Syria, Putin embarrassing Obama on the world stage again, and oddly enough – the Beatles.

Video via Johnny Dollar

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