Video: Krauthammer predicts In The End, Obama Will Cancel Employer Mandate

Bret Baier asked his panelists about the late breaking news Monday afternoon, that the Regime would delay for yet another year the Employer health-care mandate.

“It’s a double whammy here,” said Charles Krauthammer, combining “the loss of the equivalent of 2 million jobs from people choosing idleness” because of the  ObamaCare subsidy out of other people’s tax money, and “the people who would be losing their jobs involuntarily as a result of the mandates.”

“They are getting tremendous complaints from small business that they can’t do this. It will destroy their business, and that’s why it’s a delay. It’s a political delay,” Krauthammer said. “I think in the end they are going to decide they’re going to have to cancel it because there is no way it will not increase joblessness on top of the 2 million who will be leaving on their own.”


Video via National Review

4 thoughts on “Video: Krauthammer predicts In The End, Obama Will Cancel Employer Mandate

  1. I’m gonna have to disagree with Krauthammer on this one. The elimination of the employer mandate involving this many Americans would blow a hole through the unACA that a bus could drive through. It’s riddled with holes already. I believe they are trying to kick as much of this down the road as they can. Perhaps hoping that if republicans do gain control of both Houses [especially a veto proof majority] they will in the end bail obozo out of his own mess. And if that never develops he’ll be on his way out the door after the ’16 elections and never held responsible for his own mess.

    Megyn Kelly disclosed this evening that the IRS has issued a new mandate that requires any employers “justify any and all firings from their businesses” . Under oath and under penalty of perjury {isn’t that rich, coming from these clowns} to the IRS. So now a employer cannot even fire a employee without having to justifying it to some bureaucrat. sig heil!


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