Obama: In 5 Years A Bunch Of People Won’t Call It ObamaCare Because They Won’t Want Me To Get The Credit

The president sat down with  NBA Hall Of Famer, Charles Barkley, during the league’s All-Star weekend for an interview that was aired Sunday. During the 6-minute question-and-answer program, Obama was asked,  “what do you think of the term ObamaCare?”

Obama fully embraced the term, saying, “I like it. I don’t mind. I tell you, five years from now when everybody’s saying, ‘man, I’m sure glad we got health care,’ there will be a bunch of people that don’t call it ObamaCare because they don’t want me to get credit.”

As always – it’s all about Obama:

Well yes – obviously. ObamaCare is so awesome, Obama  has to keep unilaterally delaying  portions of it so the American people don’t get too spoiled all at once.

The president wasn’t asked about the potential taxpayer-funded bailouts of health insurance companies or the looming Medicare Advantage cuts to “a whole bunch of” current beneficiaries. No doubt, he would give someone else the credit for that.

Hat tip: Grabien

6 thoughts on “Obama: In 5 Years A Bunch Of People Won’t Call It ObamaCare Because They Won’t Want Me To Get The Credit

  1. I would never deprive this President and the dimoCrap party of their proper recognition. Somehow I don’t think any of them will be stepping up willing to accept what they deserve any time soon. Kinda similar during the ’12 election season, when this clown wouldn’t accept any due credit. Easy for this jerk to run his crap now, he and several others should’ve been so brave when their arse was on the line.


  2. Sir Charles is my favorite. He is not utopia society free loader but a hard worker who made it on his efforts! His rivalry with Michael Jordan were great years of NBA in my lifetime.


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