No One In Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience Has Signed Up For ObamaCare (Video)

Saw this at White House Dossier: Jimmie Kimmel Rips ObamaCare. And he does that by highlighting the burdensome online enrollment process with an amusing sketch in which a sick individual dies trying to sign up on the ObamaCare-Care site.

But what jumped out at me, is what happened before the sketch, when he was setting it up. He asked his youngish (presumably) liberal audience if any of them had signed up for ObamaCare, and you could hear a pin drop. As the cameras panned the crowd, no hands went up. Total silence.

“Really???” He chuckled, and the audience burst out laughing.

It’s possible that there were some people in that audience who had signed up for ObamaCare – but were too embarrassed to admit it – which is also a bad sign for the Regime – because it shows you just how toxic Obama’s “signature achievement”  is.

At any rate, Kimmel’s audience would seem to me to be the epitome of the type of people Obama needs to sign up for O-Care to make it a success – young, healthy “invincibles.” And they are staying away from it like it’s the plague.

Via Washington Free Beacon


Via Weasel Zippers, here’s the Regime celebrating young invincibles who who are still on their parents’ plans. Viva la ObamaCare.

Geo argues in the comments that most of the people in Kimmel’s audience are probably still on their parents’ plans like these dweebs. But I still find it striking that no one applauded or cheered when their president’s “signature achievement” was mentioned.

No one wants to be associated with the embarrassing fail-whale that is ObamaCare.

4 thoughts on “No One In Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience Has Signed Up For ObamaCare (Video)

  1. Maybe, maybe not. But it certainly is striking that not a single person’s hand went up. Not a single person clapped (or cheered) when Obamacare was mentioned. This is their hero’s “signature achievement.” They voted for this mess, after all.


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