Jeanine Pirro Investigates Possibility of Catastrophic Power Grid Failure: “This is Not Science Fiction – It’s Real”

In recent weeks, Judge Jeanine Pirro has been focusing on the vulnerabilities of our power grid – an weakness she seems genuinely concerned about. “If there were to be such a catastrophic failure, our death toll would be staggering,” she warned. “A blue ribbon commission predicted mass casualties, horrific loss of life, some even saying nine out of ten Americans would die.”

“This is not science fiction – it’s real,” she added. “A solar flare, an electromagnetic pulse, a nuclear device, a cyber attack, or a simple assault all could break down our society as we know it.”

She devoted Saturday night’s Justice exploring the question, “are we ready for an assault on our grid?”

She has on former Navy Seal Christopher Mark Heben to discuss the issue.

If you’re not already prepping – what are you waiting for?

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Saturday Movie Matinee: Coordination Found Between WH and CIA On Bogus Benghazi Talking Points

Fox News: Former CIA official accused of misleading lawmakers on Benghazi:

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell is facing accusations from Republicans that he misled lawmakers about the Obama administration’s role in crafting the bogus storyline that a protest gone awry was to blame for the deadly Benghazi attack.

Among other discrepancies, Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee allege Morell insisted the talking points were sent to the White House for informational purposes, and not for their input — but emails, later released by the administration, showed otherwise.

“We found that there was actual coordination which could influence then — and did influence — what CIA conveyed to the committees about what happened [in Benghazi],” Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., told Fox News.

Burr was one of six Republicans who leveled the allegations against Morell, who also served as acting director, in an addendum to a recently released Senate Intelligence Committee report. According to the claims, in late 2012, Morell testified the so-called Benghazi talking points were sent to the White House “for their awareness, not for their coordination.”

The 16-page addendum continues, “No effort was made to correct the record … the Acting Director’s (Morell) testimony perpetuated the myth that the White House played no part in the drafting or editing of the talking points.”

The Conversation: Gowdy: Congress Can Defund Obama’s Pet Projects And Vacations If He Continues Executive Overreach:

In an appearance on Fox News’ “On the Record” with Jeanine Pirro (filling in for Greta Van Susteren), Monday, Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) enumerated the things Congress can do to counter Obama’s executive overreach, including removing funding for his vacations.

When Pirro asked him what Congress can do to stop the president’s abuse of power, the former federal prosecutor answered,  “number one, my colleagues in the Senate have advise and consent, if they want to shut down the Senate over appropriations bills or ambassadorships or other things. The Constitution gives them the power of advise and consent. The Constitution gives us power over the purse,” Gowdy explained. “So we have appropriation bills that are going to be coming to the House this spring. We ought to strip money away from this executive branch, because our framers gave us that exclusive right to do so. If one branch overreaches then maybe the other branch ought to stick up for itself.”

Americans For Prosperity·Julie’s Story: It’s Time to Listen:

This anti-ObamaCare ad that was too much truth for “vulnerable Democrat” Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) to handle:

Now this: MI DEMOCRATS FILE CHARGES to Get Truthful Obamacare Ad Taken Off Air (Video):

In typical liberal fashion, Peters’ loyalists had their lawyer filed paperwork to get the ad taken off the air, using the far left Washington Post to back up their claims.

Julie Boonstra, the Michigan mother in the ad, went on “The Kelly File” to discuss her situation with Megyn Kelly.
Julie told Megyn she cannot afford her medical treatments thanks to Obamacare.

The Dem strategist called the ad an “amateurish fraud,” and takes a few wild swings at “the Koch brothers” who fund AFP. Because he and the Washington post know more about her health care needs and costs than she does. This is the real #WarOnWomen.

Julie Boonstra came on to defend the ad when the strategist was through ranting.

MI Dems are taking their cues from candidate Obama, who has a history of threatening TV stations that run ads he doesn’t like. If you can’t beat them – shut them up. If they can’t get the ad off the air – at least plant seeds of doubt into the public’s mind as to the ad’s veracity.

PJ Media: Even Libs Say Common Core Is Rotten to the Core:

Liberals forced the Common Core education standards on America. Now liberals quoted in the New York Times are opposing the school standards, and even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) called the scheme flawed. Will Common Core make schools worse in America?

Weasel Zippers: Obamacare Named One of Top Scams of 2013…

Ukraine protesters topple Lenin statue:

About time.

Venezuela’s President Maduro threatens to expel CNN over its coverage:

See Also:

Katie Pavlich, Townhall: Obama Silence on Venezuela Violence Based in Far Left Ideology:

When Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez passed away in 2013, the White House issued the following statement.

 At this challenging time of President Hugo Chavez’s passing, the United States reaffirms its support for the Venezuelan people and its interest in developing a constructive relationship with the Venezuelan government. As Venezuela begins a new chapter in its history, the United States remains committed to policies that promote democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights.

Now that Chavez’ protege Nicolás Maduro is ordering a violent crackdown on thousands of people who dare to speak out against the failures of the communist regime, does the White House still “stand with the people?” Is this the “new chapter” of “policies that promote democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights” the White House hoped for?

 Thousands of supporters and opponents of Venezuela’s socialist government have taken to the streets this past week. Initiated by student groups, the protestors are voicing their grievances against soaring crime rates, high inflation, a shortage of basic goods, and a lack of political and economic freedom.

All the while, the Obama Administration has been relatively silent. The occasional press release from the State Department uses the same recycled lines of “deep concern” that we’ve come to expect from an indifferent Administration. Not even the expulsion of three U.S. diplomats Sunday evening could elicit a stronger statement.

The Caracas Chronicles: The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch:

Dear International Editor:

Listen and understand. The game changed in Venezuela last night.What had been a slow-motion unravelling that had stretched out over many years went kinetic all of a sudden.

What we have this morning is no longer the Venezuela story you thought you understood.

Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries onmotorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and  storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.

People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmenshooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street.

And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of 645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

What we saw were not “street clashes”, what we saw is a state-hatched offensive to suppress and terrorize its opponents.

RARE: Would You Help A Freezing Child? (Social Experiment):

A video in which Norwegian researchers mount a hidden camera and watch to see who helps a shivering young boy is going viral.

The approximately two-and-a-half-minute video, posted Wednesday to YouTube, has more than 150,000 hits.

– See more at:

THE OFFICIAL Hot Scots drum line – Talent Show at LHHS:

5 high school boys in FLA show off their epic drum skills and win the talent show.

Gizmodo: This Centuries-Old Musical Instrument Sounds Exactly Like Super Mario:

Listen to this young girl playing her sheng, a Chinese instrument invented thousands of years ago. The woodwind may be ancient, but the sound is pure 1980s nostalgia—it’s the Super Mario Brothers theme, right down to the sounds of Mario collecting coins and mushrooms. Amazing!

Dinesh D’Souza: Obama’s Vindictive, His Kenyan Family Paranoid (Video)

Four Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are looking onto the highly suspicious indictment of conservative writer and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who appeared on the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, Friday night, to talk about the case.

Concerned that the indictment on campaign finance charges may be an example of “selective prosecution,”  Senators Charles Grassley, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz have sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey asking the bureau to explain the practices that led to D’Souza’s arrest, last month. Byron York of the Washington Examiner reported:

“The Washington Post and other news outlets reported that the U.S. Attorney’s Office said that the investigation that led to the [D’Souza] indictment began as a result of a ‘routine review by the FBI of campaign filings with the FEC of various candidates after the 2012 election,'” the senators wrote. “The articles, however, did not provide any details regarding the scope and methodology of these routine reviews.” Noting speculation that D’Souza might have been singled out for scrutiny, the senators added, “To dispel this sort of public perception that Mr. D’Souza may have been targeted because of his outspoken criticisms of the president, it is important for the FBI to be transparent regarding the precise origin of this investigation.” Reminding Comey that during his Senate confirmation hearings he had promised a more transparent FBI, the senators posed several questions.

I really do wish Republicans would stop tip-toeing around these scandals. Obama is only going to get worse because they are letting him. Nixon was impeached for much, much less than this guy has gotten away with.

On the Kelly File, D’Souza was able to tell Megyn Kelly that he knew that the president had been “unnerved” and “upset” by his first film 2016 . He then added, if that if Obama was unnerved by 2016 – wait until his new film, America comes out.

Asked how he knows that the president was upset about the movie, 2016, D’Souza answered, “a few weeks after the movie came out, there was a vituperative attack on me and on 2016 that appeared on Barack Obama’s personal website, in which he railed against the film as a smear campaign and took issue with a number of the facts in the film — he was wrong on every instance, but it was very clear from his diatribe that the film got under his skin.”

The “vituperative attack” was by Obama’s “Truth Team”, Sept. 5, 2012: “2016: Obama’s America” is a deliberate distortion of President Obama’s record and world view.

Kelly asked D’Souza if after the movie came out, he feared he may have “pushed it too far”, and would be retaliated against. D’Souza answered that he had always heard that Obama was a very vindictive guy. He added that while he was in Kenya, the Obama family was extremely paranoid and protective of Obama.

Megyn was incredulous that the president be capable of this sort of retribution, but D’Souza reminded her that the director for the movie, Gerald Molan was targeted by the IRS shortly after the movie came out. (Much like the ObamaCare critics, Bill Elliot and C. Steven Tucker, last Fall.) “It’s part of the broader pattern of going after people who are critics”, he continued. “Not just me. The Hollywood guys  – the Friends of Abe…he treats his critics not as merely people who disagree – but as enemies.” He pointed out  that this is a big theme of Saul Alinsky, “you don’t treat opponents as well meaning people who disagree with you – but as bad guys who must be polarized and demonized – and that’s what the Obama administration has been doing in general.”

We should all be painfully aware by now of how Obama frames every dispute with Republicans. They never oppose him because they have principled disagreements with his policies. It’s because they’re playing petty politics, or they just don’t want to let the black man win. It’s a horribly divisive tactic he’s employed time and again.