Susan Rice – Still In Cover-Up Mode After All These Months (Video)

In fairness – after going on five Sunday talk shows to spout the Regime’s phony cover story – what else is she gonna do? Admit it was all a huge lie to deflect from the ugly truth that al Qaeda was not “on the run” in 2012, but “on the offensive?”

Still, this is pathetic, and it inspired John McCain to burst out in derisive laughter when he saw it.

National Security Adviser Susan Rice says she has no regrets about her Sunday show appearances where she peddled the false talking point that the Benghazi terrorist attack was a spontaneous reaction to a video.

Actually Miss, what you peddled on the Sunday talk shows was not the best you had at the moment, and contrary to your assertions,  your bogus narrative has not been validated. Your “best information” defense has in fact been, invalidated. We know the White House knew, okay already?

The only question is whether Rice was acting as an unknowing stooge at the time, or a willing participant in the subterfuge. There is no question of what she currently is doing.

Oh – and kudos to Meet the Depressed host, David Gregory who did such a splendid  job holding Rice’s feet to the fire, there. Always nice to see a hard-nosed journalist doing his part to keep a Washington power broker honest with a few tough follow up questions. What’s that you say? There wasn’t a followup question to that obvious lie? Wow. (The FCC seen nodding in approval.) NBC knows what its audience’s “critical information needs” are – and the truth about Benghazi – or any of the Regime’s other scandals are not among them.

Here’s John McCain’s “almost speechless” response to Rice’s BS on CBS, this morning:


Fox News’ “Political insiders”, Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier with Harris Faulkner talked about Rice’s appearance on NBC still peddling what Caddell called “the greatest lie of my lifetime.”

LeBoutillier  saw the appearance as an indication that the Regime is still getting away with the cover-up, and took the opportunity to repeat what all the insiders have been calling for – a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi.

(By the way, I don’t agree that a Select Committee would be some kind of panacea – I think the multiple House hearings have actually done an adequate job rooting out the truth, myself. A Select Committee would remove some of the most effective House Oversight members (like Gowdy and Chaffetz) from involvement because ranking members (dead wood) would be appointed to the committee.  The investigation is taking time because we’re dealing with a bunch of shameless, lying, stonewalling, Fifth Amendment-pleading, ends-justify-the-means, Alinsky trained corruptocrats. As Darrell Issa has said, “the fact is, I have all the same powers and have used the same authorities as a Select Committee would use. This administration is slow.”)

Anyway, LeBoutillier was adamant. He said, “We have a 180 members of the House Republican Conference who have called for a Select Committee to finaally get to the bottom of Benghazi. They need to get together tomorrow, and they need to tell Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy, you’ve got one day to appoint the Committee, and if you will not do it, we’re throwing all of you out of the leadership….”

The Rice discussion starts 6:35 minutes in…

Video via Johnny Dollar

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Video: The Pope and the Pentecostals Unite

Via Elizabeth Scalia, a wacky and wonderful video for a Sunday afternoon.

To watch only the pope is to be moved, but to ultimately miss the point. To watch the whole thing is to be blown away; Pentecostals, praying for the pope! The tongue-speaking is odd for most of us to witness, for sure. But as I did, I kept thinking, “Is that what the wind sounded like, at Pentecost, as the Holy Spirit approached?”

Marcel writes:

This is what Christian unity looks like. It doesn’t ignore the differences that we have with our non-Catholic brothers and sisters. It isn’t triumphalistic. It isn’t us vs them.

Rather, it is the love of Christ for all people. Jesus prayed for Christian unity and we must all acknowledge that the fact is – division within Christianity is both scandalous and a counter-sign to a God of unity to a world that needs Him.

So, Pope Francis recorded a video for his friend, Tony Palmer (An Anglican Episcopal Communion of the CEEC (Celtic Anglican Tradition) Bishop.) He took the video to show to Kenneth Copeland Ministries and the unthinkable has started to happen – we actually pray for one another and acknowledge one another as true brothers and sisters.

Scalia recommends that you don’t fast forward to the pope – ‘watch it from the beginning and hang in there through the parts that can feel challenging to watch and might seem (to us, as Catholics and as jaded Americans) like “Protestant weirdness”’.

Another inspiring video for a Sunday afternoon,  via Geo:

Should this man get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Baby Box – South Korea: Hundreds of babies are abandoned every year, but this brave men is trying to save them. So why is the government trying to stop him?

In this heart-breaking report, we follow a man who’s dedicated his life to saving South Korea’s unwanted babies. With hundreds of them being abandoned every year, why has the government ordered him to stop?

Your Sunday Hymn: We Have Been Told

Found a lovely live recording of the youth choir of St. Vitus in Visbek singing the David Hass hymn, “We Have Been Told.”

St. Vitus (Visbek) is a Roman Catholic parish church in the Lower Saxon community Visbek , in Oldenburger Munsterland.

The Abbey Visbek was first issued on 1 September 819 in an award certificate of Emperor Louis the Pious as fiscbechi mentioned. Meanwhile, however, that instrument is as a total forgery dating from the late 10th . Viewed century [1] Prior to AD by were from 780 AD Charlemagne (* April 2 probably 747 or 748; † January 28 814 in Aachen) Sprengel nine mission to Christianize the conquered Saxons were built, of which the ” cellula fiscbechi “one formed. Finally, in Visbek the first church of the Mission district, the so-called primitive church, built. At the latest since 855 was under the place with all its possessions in the mission area by a donation of Louis the German to the monastery of Corvey .

At the same place today is demonstrably seventh Visbeker parish church, [2] the 1872 to 1876 by ​​Hilger Hertel as geostete three-aisled neo-Gothic hall church was built St. Vitus Church. It stands at the highest point of the town, in the village center, and is by far, even from the peasantry to see. The five bells (cis, dis, e, f sharp and G sharp) stocked tower has a height of 65 m, and the outer length of the building is also 65 m. The interior of the church today has an area of 30.50 x 22 m. The length of the choir is 13,30 m. The church has about 900 believers a place. [3]

About the connection to Corvey, where the relics of St. Vitus were, was this saint patron saint of the parish church of Visbek. 1937 Visbek received a Vitus relic of Corvey.

Inside the church there are six life-size sculptures, by sculptor Johann Heinrich König (1705-1784) were created. The figures of the four Fathers of the Church probably belonged originally to the high altar. Other statues are the Virgin and Child and St. John Baptist. In church services about 900 people fit into the church.


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