Your Sunday Hymn: We Have Been Told

Found a lovely live recording of the youth choir of St. Vitus in Visbek singing the David Hass hymn, “We Have Been Told.”

St. Vitus (Visbek) is a Roman Catholic parish church in the Lower Saxon community Visbek , in Oldenburger Munsterland.

The Abbey Visbek was first issued on 1 September 819 in an award certificate of Emperor Louis the Pious as fiscbechi mentioned. Meanwhile, however, that instrument is as a total forgery dating from the late 10th . Viewed century [1] Prior to AD by were from 780 AD Charlemagne (* April 2 probably 747 or 748; † January 28 814 in Aachen) Sprengel nine mission to Christianize the conquered Saxons were built, of which the ” cellula fiscbechi “one formed. Finally, in Visbek the first church of the Mission district, the so-called primitive church, built. At the latest since 855 was under the place with all its possessions in the mission area by a donation of Louis the German to the monastery of Corvey .

At the same place today is demonstrably seventh Visbeker parish church, [2] the 1872 to 1876 by ​​Hilger Hertel as geostete three-aisled neo-Gothic hall church was built St. Vitus Church. It stands at the highest point of the town, in the village center, and is by far, even from the peasantry to see. The five bells (cis, dis, e, f sharp and G sharp) stocked tower has a height of 65 m, and the outer length of the building is also 65 m. The interior of the church today has an area of 30.50 x 22 m. The length of the choir is 13,30 m. The church has about 900 believers a place. [3]

About the connection to Corvey, where the relics of St. Vitus were, was this saint patron saint of the parish church of Visbek. 1937 Visbek received a Vitus relic of Corvey.

Inside the church there are six life-size sculptures, by sculptor Johann Heinrich König (1705-1784) were created. The figures of the four Fathers of the Church probably belonged originally to the high altar. Other statues are the Virgin and Child and St. John Baptist. In church services about 900 people fit into the church.


We Have Been Told

We have been told.
We’ve seen his face
and heard his voice alive in our hearts.
“Live in my love with all your heart.
As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.

1. I am the vine; you are the branches,
and all who live in me will bear great fruit.


2. You are my friends, if you keep my commands,
no longer slaves; I call you friends.


3. No greater love is there than this: to lay down one’s life for a friend.

2 thoughts on “Your Sunday Hymn: We Have Been Told

  1. Seems appropriate to place this inspiring video here within the Sunday Hymn posting. Video of the week.

    The Baby Box

    Up to 18 babies a month end up in Pastor Lee’s Baby Box, a box attached to his house for women to leave their unwanted children in. Saving humanity one baby at a time. . . . .

    H/T: Gerard – American Digest


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