Bobby Jindal on a Tear

Governor Bobby Jindal caused great confusion and consternation and mayhaps a bit of pearl clutching amongst Washington wags, Monday morning, when he boisterously strode to the microphone after the National Governors’ Association meeting, and proceeded to let the president have it.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal launched into a repeated assault on President Barack Obama’s leadership in the shadow of the West Wing, in defiance of established bipartisan protocol. Speaking after a meeting of the NGA at the White House, Jindal, the vice chair of the Republican Governors Association, said Obama is “waving a white flag” by focusing on executive actions with three years left in his term. “The Obama economy is now the minimum wage economy,” Jindal added.

The trembling Democrat who followed Jindal was Dan Malloy, the governor of Connecticut. When he was through repudiating Jindal, Jindal returned to the mike and blasted the president some more..

“The National Governors Association is supposed to bring Democrats and Republicans together to discuss policy and share ideas for mutual success”, whimpered Zeke Miller of Time’s Swampland. “But after a meeting at the White House Monday, all pretense at bipartisan comity was shattered as a press conference with lawmakers descended into a partisan fracas.”

How dare he!!!



The Governor of Louisiana was DEFIANT of established bipartisan protocol. Goodness gracious… No Democrat has ever ever ever been defiant of established bipartisan protocols like this  before. What a ruckus Bobby Jindal caused in Washington DC today with his shocking, rough defiance of established protocols.

Monday evening, Jindal went on Fox News’ Special Report with Brett Baier  and doubled down on the “white flag of surrender” talk that had so upset Malloy.

Can we see a little more “defiance of established protocols” from republicans please? The president hasn’t been shy about showing his defiance of the Constitution, the rule of law, or the TRUTH for the past five years, for crying out loud. it’s the very least they can do.

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6 thoughts on “Bobby Jindal on a Tear

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  2. Thank you for that ND-rock on Bobby-I do take exception with his characterization of Kacsich as a “great” gov-he lied about taking MediCare money and is saddling Ohioans with Billions of dollars in taxes.

    Other than that, Malloy is a total *ouche


  3. I’m going to take a wild guess here, I’m thinking. . . .the weasel’s of the House repubic leadership or the RNC didn’t approve of Jindal’s assault on the dims and their prez.


  4. I wish I were Deb, but I haven’t seen any republican take the gloves off in decades and at the very minimum hit back at least as hard as they get hit. No matter how many times the Charlie Brown & Lucy act is pulled on them [the War on Women } they never prepare for it and seem shocked that it is being played once again against them.

    With each passing day Boehner becomes more and more dangerous and Preibus is a outright idiot. Boehner gets summoned to the White House today, the for the first time since December ’12. After obozo pulled the Charlie Brown & Lucy act on him, with a “clear debt ceiling”, then changes his budget [and previous agreement] to bludgeoning the Military to prop up the social welfare state. What happened to the Patty Cakes and Paul Ryan bi-partisan agreement that everyone was raving about just a few short weeks ago? Who is the bad guy? Ted Cruz because he forced weasels like Mitch to cast a recorded vote on the debt ceiling.

    Then add to the mix:
    …..The outright disdain the leadership and the RNC has for the Tea Party.
    …..Last week a news story that Boehner bought property in Florida
    …..Louie Gohmert says there is no way Boehner get re-elected as Speaker come January.
    …..Boehner goes on the Leno show and bashed his own party over the shut down
    …..Boehner except for the shut down has given obozo a clear debt limit and passed every Continuing Resolution that has come up. After proclaiming that the “righteous fight” is always on the next horizon, but never fights it.
    …..Despite the dims “War on Women” against the republicans, when Rand Paul goes after the “Squirter in Chief” the republican leadership within five minutes declares it “off limits” and we aren’t going there.
    …..Reported today that there are now 19 republics on board for the Immigration Principles, with 199 dims that give them a 218 vote. Twist a few more arms on both sides, and after the “filing for primaries” this will be a done deal. White House meeting anyone?
    …..Despite all the investigations going on, Boehner doesn’t seem to support a “Select Committee or Subpoenas” to force the disclosure of information that has been requested more than a year ago.
    …..The party of Bill Clinton, David Patterson, Filner, Anthony Weiner, Dead Ted, and Chris Dodd declares a “War on Women” by the republican party. And their response has been. . . . . . . . . . .?

    The dims live by: “they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun”. The repubics stand there and scratch their collective heads and say. . . . .”war on women, knife, gun”? and grab their pillows. Then wonder why they lose election after election. Just for once I’d like to see someone hit back and bloody someone’s nose [or worse] on the other side. We are destined for the same fate as the Whig’s if we continue down this path.


  5. Well, now – he hasn’t been forced to apologize yet, at least.
    And of course, Jindal is trying to score brownie points with conservatives with all his protocol-defying tough talk. But it’s certainly better than the pathetic weakness we’re used to seeing from our Republican leaders.
    I hope Gohmert is right about Boehner – who I don’t dislike. He just doesn’t seem to have a good handle on what it takes to win what should be easy PR wars. It’s time for someone who’s willing to fight these fights – and win – instead of always taking the side the Democrat media complex.


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