Video: Marco Rubio’s Passionate Floor Speech Ripping Cuba, Venezuela and Useful Idiot Tom Harkin

In case you haven’t seen this yet, it’s a reminder of why conservatives fell in love with this guy prior to his involvement with the gang of eight’s amnesty push and it’s why he still has a bright future ahead of him in the Republican party.

Via John Sexton at the Conversation:

Rubio’s 14 minute speech was apparently prompted by comments Sen. Tom Harkin made after a visit to Cuba last month. One of the points Harkin raised was Cuba’s low infant mortality rate. Rubio questioned the reliability of Cuba’s official infant mortality statistics, noting that “totalitarian communist regimes don’t have the best history of accurately reporting things.”

Rubio also noted with regard to Cuba’s high literacy rate that “They can only read censored stuff.” He added “I wish that someone on that trip would have asked the average Cuban: With your wonderful literacy skills, are you allowed to read the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal or any blog for that matter? Because the answer is no.”

Five minutes into the speech Rubio pivoted by noting that Cuba had “exported” their system of repression to Venezuela. He showed a series of large posters, talking about each one in turn. The first was of Leopoldo Lopez, the Venezuelan opposition leader, who was arrested last week.

The second was the famous photo of Genesis Carmona being rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head. “She’s on that motorcycle because the government in Venezuela and the thugs, these so called civilian groups that they’ve armed–another export from Cuba, a model the Cubans follow–they shot her in the head!” Rubio said, pointing at the photo.

6 thoughts on “Video: Marco Rubio’s Passionate Floor Speech Ripping Cuba, Venezuela and Useful Idiot Tom Harkin

  1. As a Venezuelan and watching what such a wonderful country has succumbed to it breaks my heart to see the violent that has erupted and how the media refuses to expose the issues, and when it is mentioned it is a brief blurb. I praise Marco Rubio for his efforts in raising awareness on the issue and for pushing for something to be done. Also exposing the truth, democrats don’t care, why should them if they perceive socialism to be a “paradise” and that is the true underlying message of the Democratic party.
    He parallels the events occurring in Venezuela with that of Cuba. Which leads you to come to the conclusion, Venezuela is heading down the communist path, if it is not already there.
    He wants it to stop, and with every right. Stop the deaths before they become a larger number. These are not senseless deaths either these are deaths done in the honor of freedom, and liberty. They look up to America to do something and WE should do something. Place sanctions as senator Rubio mentioned. It is a start, and we should not let any country fall into the hands of dictators if we can help it.
    Recently, my sister (who is a high school student) went to her school’s administrators to raise awareness on the issue, there was too much red tape to pass, and ultimately the school shut down her attempts to raise awareness throughout the campus.
    Which makes me wonder, are we slowly becoming a nation which too inhibits our civil liberties?


  2. Geez that is the Marco Rubio everyone expected they got when they supported and elected him. Unfortunately when he got to the new neighborhood he decided to take up with the wrong crowd, despite numerous warnings to not go there. Then after they loaded his head with crap, he took on a personal mission and crusade to push their immigration scam. Defiantly he went around to all of the conservative outlets and personally promoted the agenda. At each and every turn he was warned that he was being used and that he would regret it one day. Too late and way too conveniently after it passed the U.S. Senate he finally admitted that it wasn’t good legislation and bad for the Country.

    For me, that light has been forever extinguished. . . . one fatal vision per career is my lifetime limit.


  3. Great speech but Marco, you were played on amnesty-I listened to you pushing that abomination and pushing and pushing. Amnesty will kill this country and you were on board.

    OK you bailed but why is it, millions of Constitutional conservatives knew it was a country killer and you didn’t??

    Tell you what. If you were to declare we are going to take the fight and I don’t mean sanctions, I mean any covert and overt means to overthrow the communists in Cuba and Venezulea, than I will reconsider.

    They’ve been in an all out asymmetrical war on us, lets do the same.


  4. It’s never too late to rectify and yes, Senator Rubio may have been wrong about supporting certain questionable agendas in the past, but he is doing the right thing now standing up for human rights and calling the communists by what they are: Liars, oppressors and terrorists, the rest of our politicians in Washington should follow his example and maybe, just maybe, this great nation of ours can regain some of the respect it has lost thanks to the leaders we have voted into power. Bravo…! Mr. Rubio, keep up the good work!!!


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