House Committee Hearing: Is the Obama Administration Conducting a Serious Investigation of IRS Targeting?

Today, a subcommittee of Oversight and Reform, the Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs Committee, held a  hearing examining the DOJ’s sham investigation of the IRS scandal  – Is the Obama Administration Conducting a Serious Investigation of IRS Targeting?
Panelists at the hearing: 
the Honorable George J. Terwilliger III, Partner Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
The Honorable Eileen J. O’Connor, Former Assistant Attorney General (2001-2007) Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice
 The Honorable Hans von Spakovsky, Manager, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation
Mr. Glenn F. Ivey, Partner Leftwich and Ludaway LLC
Mr. Richard Painter S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law, University of Minnesota Law School, Hearing Documents

IRS Targeting Hearing Part One:

2-26-2014 IRS Targeting Hearing Part Two:

2-26-2014 IRS Targeting Hearing Part Three:

Fun fireworks in this one between the crazy lib from Virginia, Rep Connolly and Hans von Spakovsky.


Law Prof To Congress: “If You Want to Stay Relevant, Don’t Stand Idly By And Let The President Take Your Power Away.”

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing, this morning to address Obama’s escalating abuses of power.

Entitled, ENFORCING THE PRESIDENT’S CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO FAITHFULLY EXECUTE THE LAWS the hearing’s witness panel included, Mr. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School, Ms. Elizabeth Price Foley of Florida International University College of Law, and Mr. Christopher Schroeder of Duke University Law School.

Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, asked the panel what to most would appear a rhetorical question, “Is unilateral decision making good for our Republican system of government?

Turley, who has been one of the most outspoken critics of Obama’s executive overreach, said, “the greatest danger that we have, really cannot be overstated, when he have the concentration of power in one branch. That is precisely the sort of power the framers were seeking  to avoid.”

“What people often miss, he continued  “is that the separation of powers was not about protecting Congress – -separation of powers was designed for the protection of liberty. It was to prevent the concentration of power in any of the branches that would threaten the individual citizen.”

Goodlatte asked Professor Foley what she thought the longterm institutional consequences would be if the current practice of “benevolent suspensions of the law” isn’t stopped.

She answered that people are going to continue to be cynical about government and the Constitution, and ultimately eroding respect for the rule of law.

She also brought up the point that it makes it less likely for Congress to tackle big issues like immigration reform,  “why would you go through the trouble of reaching a very delicate political compromise on an issue like that if you think that the president is going to just benevolently suspend those portions of the law he doesn’t like after you reach that compromise.” She concluded, “if you want to stay relevant as an institution, I would suggest that you not stand idly by and let the president take your power away.”

Goodlatte then asked about the principle of prosecutorial discretion which Obama’s “deferred actions” are based on. “Does prosecutorial discretion have such elasticity that a whole class of people could be recipients of deferred actions based simply on them being in the category…?

Foley said, “yeah, this is sort of a dangerous and scary moment – uh, that’s not discretion – that’s raw, lawmaking power.”


Fox Analyst: By Pushing False Talking Points On Benghazi, Mike Morell ‘Essentially A Co-Conspirator With al Qaeda’ (Video)

Col. Tony Schaefer was on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to talk about recent allegations  that former  Deputy CIA  Director Mike Morell altered the Benghazi talking points to push a false narrative that would help Obama win the 2012 election.

Schaefer, a Senior Fellow with the London Center For Policy Research, told Fox’s Steve Doocy that Morell not only lied to Congress – he lied to his own people – “he played a Jedi mind trick on the CIA.” Schaefer declared.”Because he was so committed to the lie he said, ‘these are not the terrorists you’re looking for.'” This, Schaefer charged, makes Morell “essentially a co-conspirator with al Qaeda – directing the search in the wrong direction.” That’s why, he explained, “we’re 18 months down the road and not one person has been held accountable for this, nor has anybody been captured.”

As for Morell’s motive for pushing the false narrative, Schaefer wasn’t sure if he was trying to help Obama or protect Hillary Clinton, “but he has been rewarded.” Morell now has a plum position at the Clintons’ Global Strategies company.

Schaefer and Doocy agreed that Congress needs to call this man up to testify before a hearing, post haste. His actions, essentially redirecting the focus of the investigation in the wrong direction, was nothing less than treasonous.

Hat tip: Walid Shoebat


Watcher’s Council Nominations – Buh Bye Piers Edition


Parting is such sweet sorrow – not!

Yes, Piers Morgan’s show has finally been cancelled by CNN. Not only were the ratings abysmal,  but apparently even his own staff disliked working with him.

So, CNN head Jeff Zucker had a sit down with Mr. Morgan and that was pretty much it.

Piers Morgan, of course blamed it on American audiences, but let’s face it, anyone with a Brit accent automatically gets credit for 20 more IQ points by an American audience, however unjustified. In Piers Morgan’s case, people flat out found him unlikeable, overbearing and unwatchable:

“Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it,” he said. “That’s run its course and Jeff and I have been talking for some time about different ways of using me.”

Actually, I have some inside info on how Jeff Zucker is going to be using him until his contract runs out in September, and I’m sure it will work out.

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Council News:

Ah, first off we have some important business to take care of…it’s time to celebrate Greg at Rhymes With Right’s birthday! The big day was actually yesterday, but we’ll celebrate it today:

I had this cake made up special:


 For liquid refreshment, an assortment of Shiner Bock, of course.


With some nice, tender bar-b-cued brisket and my own special sauce:


Greg’s one of the few Council members who was here when I came aboard, so I’ve gotten to know him pretty well and vice versa. He’s been a good friend over the years, and the Council definitely wouldn’t be the same without him. When my site was targeted by Leftards and suspended by Blogger a few years back, Greg was one of those who offered me posting privileges over at his site for the few days it took until Google got its act together  realized what had happened and put me back online. I haven’t forgotten that.

Happy Birthday Greg, give the Darling Democrat a hug and a kiss for me, and many, many more.



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