Judge Jeanine Pirro Mocks ‘Schoolyard Bully’ Obama and Hapless Hagel: ‘No One’s Afraid Of You’ (Video)

On tonight’s episode of Justice with Jeanine Pirro, da judge unloaded on Obama and Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel for their feckless and failed foreign policy –  as witnessed this week in their dithering incompetence on the Ukraine crisis.

Pirro likened the president to a schoolyard bully who is full of hot air, but scaring nobody. She slammed him and “Hapless Hagel” for reducing the US military to pre WWII levels.

“What’s with Hapless Hagel?” she wondered aloud, noting that he was one of two Senators who voted against sanctions on Iran, and who actually said on Al Jazeera that the US is the World’s bully. “Who ARE you?” she asked.

“Speaking of Syria, why did you wait for the blood of 100,000 innocent civilians to be spilled on the sands of Syria before you even threatened to act. Yet in Ukraine, they haven’t even started the fighting, and you want to get in the middle of it. By the way, aren’t you supposed to be a pacifist, Did you forget you won the Novel Peace Prize? Mr. President everyone is laughing at us. You’re like a schoolyard bully no one’s afraid of you. Putin sure isn’t. He knows you’re no Eisenhower, no FDR and no JFK. (I would add Ronaldus Magnus to the list.)

He’s a former high ranking KGB. He’s got all the military credentials he needs. And what might your military credentials be, Mr. Commander in Chief,” Pirro asked.

Pirro also had a few whacks for  Dingy Harry, who she lambasted for accusing 6 million Americans of lying.

Harry, do you ever take off your political hat and think about people as human beings – not Republicans or Democrats? she asked.


Spoiler Alert: New Liam Neesan Movie “Non-Stop” Is anti-American Garbage – NYC Audience Groaned When Villain Revealed


If you’ve seen the trailer for “Non-Stop”, you’ve probably thought – wow, that looks pretty good!  Looks like a real nail biter – my kind of movie.

I was definitely planning on seeing it. Until the word got out.

Take it away, John Nolte:

On an international flight over the Atlantic, burnt-out alcoholic flight marshal Bill Marks (Neeson) is hoping for a nice easy flight in first class where after sneaking a smoke and drink he might even be able to catch a little shut-eye. A text message informing him that one person on the flight will die every twenty-minutes unless $150 million is wired to an account, ruins that plan.

Counting pilots and crew, there are around 150 souls on board. Marks has 20 minutes to figure out which one is the bad guy. Red herrings abound. Is it one of the many actors whose faces we recognize but names we can’t remember? People start to die. Marks is fingered as the hijackert. Who’s doing this? Why are they doing this? What is their motive?

Here’s the answer:

It turns out that the villain is not a hijacker but a terrorist — someone who wants to murder everyone on the plane to further a political goal.

You ready…?

The terrorist is a 9/11 family member. Yes, you read that right; the terrorist is a 9/11 family-member who lost a loved-one in the World Trade Center on that terrible September morning.

It gets worse…

After 9/11,  this 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist then joined the military but found himself disillusioned by the pointless wars.

And now…

The 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist is upset because America hasn’t done enough to ensure there will never be another 9/11. And so he figures that if he can get an air marshal blamed for a terrorist attack, America will wake up and anally probe us before we’re allowed on a plane, or something.

It gets worse…

The villain’s sidekick is a member of the American military willing to murder 150 innocent people for a payday.

It gets worse…

The one passenger on the plane who is forever helpful, kind, reasonable, noble, and never under suspicion is a Muslim doctor dressed in traditional Muslim garb including a full beard.

Are you kidding me? They didn’t learn after all of the failed Bush era anti-Iraq War movies that their liberal PC propaganda doesn’t sell?

Glenn Beck talked about the movie on his radio show, yesterday, calling it possibly “the worst movie ever.” He and his co-hosts Pat, and Stu went to see the thriller because “all three guys are big fans of Neeson.”

Beck said that he fully expected that when he was back on the air, Friday, he would be able to recommend the film to his audience, but now he’s warning them not to waste their time or money.

“It is really great, until you find out that the killer… is a U.S. military guy who believes in the Constitution. Oh, did I just spoil Non-Stop? Oh, I should have said that there was a spoiler alert.”

Beck reported that the audience in NYC did not appreciate the plot twist.

“Here’s the thing: Even in New York City that got groans,” Glenn said. “Because you’re going through the whole movie, and it’s a good movie… [but] it’s not worth seeing once you know that they made the terrorist ex-military for the U.S… When it’s revealed, the audience in New York City went, ‘Oh, gee.’”

“It doesn’t even make sense,” Pat added. “And even the row of New Yorkers in front of us, I heard complaining about it after. For a second I thought I was in Texas. And I thought, no, wait! We’re in Manhattan!”

Ultimately, Glenn had a very simple message for anyone who was considering seeing Non-Stop this weekend: Don’t do it.

“Don’t see Non-Stop. It’s an insult. It’s an insult to anybody who believes in the Constitution and believes in our military,” Glenn concluded. “I said, ‘I make a promise to you: I will not treat our military the way we treated our Vietnam veterans.’ And we’re doing it now. We’re not taking care of their health, we’re dismissing them when they get back, and now we’re making them into our terrorists at our movies. And it’s the same weasely people that are doing it. Don’t go see Non-Stop.”

Not planning on it.

ObamaCare Facebook Ad Panned By Enraged Facebook Users


29 O-bots who are either still on their parents’ plans, or qualify for generous ObamaCare subsidies, “liked” this ad. Too bad Facebook doesn’t allow thumbs downs. Because that would tell the real story.

Facebook does allow comments, though, and I think Harry Reid and any other Democrat who wants to downplay ObamaCare “horror stories” would be interested to know that they are 100% negative.

I’ve removed the names to protect peoples’ privacy. We live in an era, unfortunately, in which it’s not unreasonable or paranoid to fear retaliation in the form of an IRS audit if you speak out against ObamaCare.

  • My daughter in Rapid City lost her affordable healthcare and cannot even begin to be able to afford the Obamacare rates. So, now she’s uninsured and facing penalties. Not a good thing! : (
  •   the price of obamacare rates are too expensive, affordable for WHO?
  •  As I said before…the least expensive plan in my area in Georgia lists a total of ONE primary care provider and exactly ONE hospital…and it’s a psychiatric hospital! Way to go, Dems! Thanks a lot!
  •   hell no, obama can shove his commie care
  •   It sends you to other links and those companies are not cheap.
  •  Seriously?
  •  Not helping my kids, they can stay under mine!!!
  • Today because of this MESS, my company dropped our healthcare for all its full time employees… we have to sign up by March 15th in order to be covered by April 1st…. they are under the impression that this MESS is affordable… I already have seen the numbers for my 20 year old son and it is NOT affordable… I am very disappointed.
  • Boo. Hate Obamacare. Sorry, Cierra.
  •  I have to do this!!! very frustrating!!!!
  •  I thought the kids can stay on mom and dad’s plan until they r 26.
  • Sounds like every one who commented are on the same page. I know our medicare is not offering certain tests and covering them like it used to…and my out of pocket cost is so much higher….of course, Mr. Nobama did say he had to cut medicare’s budget to help out with Nobamacare (ACA)…
  • No way! ACA is a scam.


Democrats only wish they could organize their paid astroturfed drones to be this passionate against the Koch brothers.

Saturday Movie Matinee: It’s Time For Harry Reid To Step Down

It looks like Greta Van Susteren – who isn’t even a Republican – is taking the lead in asking Harry Reid to step down from the Senate leadership for calling millions of frightened and hurt Americans, liars. Reid owes 6 million Americans an apology, but more than that,  Congressional Republicans should follow Greta’s lead and call for Dingy Harry to resign. The man should no longer be allowed to embarrass and a disgrace the Senate with his absurd thuggery.

On Fox’s On the Record, Friday night, she had a panel with Susan Ferrichio of the Washington Examiner, Kirstin Powers, of USA Today and John McCormick of the Weekly Standard to discuss why Reid can still Majority Leader after smearing so many Americans with such a spurious lie. “Is it because he’s good, because the Democrats are afraid of him, or because they like him in the job?” She asked.

Ferrichio correctly noted that Reid is known for making outrageous comments, and people usually forget about it after awhile, but he’s really stirred up a hornets nest with this latest comment (which is really a lie, as Greta reminded her.)

Kirstin Powers wanted to make the point that what Reid said, was that not all of the horror stories were true, referring I assume to the walk-back that came a few hours later, when he admitted, “I can’t say that every one of the Koch brothers’ ads are a lie, but I’ll say this. Mr. President, the vast, vast majority of them are. And it’s time the American people spoke out against this terrible dishonesty of these two brothers who are about as un-American as anyone that I can imagine.”

That was his lame attempt to narrow his remarks to just the AFP ads, and focus on the Koch brothers. He was still obnoxiously wrong.

The American people are speaking out against someone’s “terrible dishonesty”, all right. His. 

John McCormick said this latest verbal faux pas is going to backfire on him and Powers mentioned that in 2010, there were actually quite a few Democrts who wanted him to lose so someone else (most likely Schumer) could take over the leadership of the Senate.

Should Reid Resign? – New Calls For Senate Majority Leader To Step Down _ On The Record:

I think it’s a little naive of Greta not to understand that what Reid was trying to do by calling 6 million Americans liars. He’s trying to lead Democrats in an election year strategy to isolate Americans who have suffered under ObamaCare and delegitimize any of the conservative groups (especially Americans For Prosperity) who are turning their horror stories into devastating campaign ads for Republicans.  He’s trying to taint their stories in the public’s minds. Alinsky radicals are not about truth they are all about raw power. How to reach it and how to keep it.

The Moment a Prof. Warned that America Is at a ‘Constitutional Tipping Point’:

There was a remarkable moment during a congressional hearing on Wednesday when constitutional law expert and self-proclaimed Obama supporter, Jonathan Turley, explained the legislative branch of the U.S. government is in danger of becoming irrelevant because of persistant executive overreach. Turley, who is a professor of public interest law at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., believes America has reached a “constitutional tipping point” under President Obama’s watch.

“This is, I think, the most important… moment of audio… in the last I don’t even know how many years. This is the American crisis… This is beyond the constitutional crisis. This is a constitutional tipping point,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This happened yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee… Jonathan Turley is a liberal… He’s a guy who’s on the left, is a support of the President, says in his testimony, ‘Look, I agree with what [the President is] trying to do. Just not how he is doing it.’ And I want you to listen because what he’s saying is: If we don’t wake up right now, we will be very sorry.”

Julie Boonstra Delivers a Message to Congressman Peters:

I wonder if Peters is regretting that he sicced his lawyers of AFP, yet?

Parents Of Fallen SEAL Team 6 Member Speak Out:

The families of 30 United States service members killed in a 2011 helicopter crash went to Capitol Hill yesterday, demanding answers to many lingering questions about the deadliest incident of the war. The parents of one of the soldiers killed in the attack, Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, discussed the hearing with Brian Kilmeade this (Friday) morning.

The entire Oversight hearing: 2-27-2014 Afghanistan: Honoring the Heroes of Extortion 17:

The Story Of ObamaCare’s Terrorist Navigator:

No biggie:

Andrew Breitbart – why the left hated him:

March 1 marks the second anniversary of the passing of the late great Andrew Breitbart.

Inspiring Story Armless NASCAR Engineer Richie Parker:

Teens’ thank elderly Tinney for cheery school-run waves:

Canadian high school students have said a massive thank you to a local elderly lady who brightens their day, every day, with a smiling wave from her front room window.

Eighty-four-year-old Tinney Davidson started waving to passing highschool students with her husband Ken when they moved into the house in 2007. Ken died in recent years, and Tinney decided to keep up the habit.

She told Chek News: “I just like the look of the children and they all looked in so I thought ‘If they’re looking in, I’ll wave to them. And that’s how it started.

“I love it, and they seem to like it also.”

The students of Highland Secondary School in Comox, British Columbia in western Canada invited Tinney to a school assembly to thank her in person with speeches, cards and a video message.

Crimes in Canada are getting out of hand:

Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: “Test Drive 2”:

Asian kid randomly plays piano in toy store, blows everyone:

Boredom Bash: The Lion Whisperer:

Zoologist Kevin Richardson (aka The Lion Whisperer) in Johannesburg, South Africa, spent many years studying Zoology in University, that he’s established some kind of respect amongst the animals there, understanding their behaviour and needs, sharing closeness that could be deemed as insane, but this man seems to know exactly what he’s doing.