ObamaCare Facebook Ad Panned By Enraged Facebook Users


29 O-bots who are either still on their parents’ plans, or qualify for generous ObamaCare subsidies, “liked” this ad. Too bad Facebook doesn’t allow thumbs downs. Because that would tell the real story.

Facebook does allow comments, though, and I think Harry Reid and any other Democrat who wants to downplay ObamaCare “horror stories” would be interested to know that they are 100% negative.

I’ve removed the names to protect peoples’ privacy. We live in an era, unfortunately, in which it’s not unreasonable or paranoid to fear retaliation in the form of an IRS audit if you speak out against ObamaCare.

  • My daughter in Rapid City lost her affordable healthcare and cannot even begin to be able to afford the Obamacare rates. So, now she’s uninsured and facing penalties. Not a good thing! : (
  •   the price of obamacare rates are too expensive, affordable for WHO?
  •  As I said before…the least expensive plan in my area in Georgia lists a total of ONE primary care provider and exactly ONE hospital…and it’s a psychiatric hospital! Way to go, Dems! Thanks a lot!
  •   hell no, obama can shove his commie care
  •   It sends you to other links and those companies are not cheap.
  •  Seriously?
  •  Not helping my kids, they can stay under mine!!!
  • Today because of this MESS, my company dropped our healthcare for all its full time employees… we have to sign up by March 15th in order to be covered by April 1st…. they are under the impression that this MESS is affordable… I already have seen the numbers for my 20 year old son and it is NOT affordable… I am very disappointed.
  • Boo. Hate Obamacare. Sorry, Cierra.
  •  I have to do this!!! very frustrating!!!!
  •  I thought the kids can stay on mom and dad’s plan until they r 26.
  • Sounds like every one who commented are on the same page. I know our medicare is not offering certain tests and covering them like it used to…and my out of pocket cost is so much higher….of course, Mr. Nobama did say he had to cut medicare’s budget to help out with Nobamacare (ACA)…
  • No way! ACA is a scam.


Democrats only wish they could organize their paid astroturfed drones to be this passionate against the Koch brothers.

3 thoughts on “ObamaCare Facebook Ad Panned By Enraged Facebook Users

  1. They are trying to do this world-wide. The middle-upper class will become the middle-lower class. The upper-lower class will become the new middle class if you catch my drift. It’s all a scam. They don’t want to create another major depression but sure feels like one comin’ on….stay healthy. Don’t eat crap! and exercise and most importantly don’t let em getchoo down. Love, Love and Love. Thanks


  2. Healthcare.gov is my favorite Facebook page. With every post they make, hundreds of people chime in with how awful the law is and how it’s ruining their health care. Sometimes they can get six or seven people to defend the ACA, but 95% of the comments are negative.


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