#CPAC2014 Day 2 Pix and Videos

My daughter and I went to a pre-CPAC Ash Wednesday Mass at the largest Catholic shrine in North America – The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception:


Then it was off to “RINOCon” the pre CPAC bloggers bash at Harrington’s. I took no pictures, but my picture was taken. Check out RWN on Monday when he does his annual CPAC picture dump.

Fast forward Thursday, and who do I run into but this guy passing out Atheist literature to CPACers  as they pass by in the hall. He was assuring everyone that it contained a “conservative” message, but I highly doubt that.. I’m assuming he’s from the group that was denied a booth in the exhibit hall. I witnessed one man take the brochure from atheist guy and promptly hand it back when he saw what it was. “Hey, it doesn’t burn!” the evangelical atheist said. Taking pity on him, I took one of his brochures, but soon lost it, alas. IMG_2980

Hey look! It’s Mark Levin! In the hallway! At CPAC!


Not sure what these storm troopers were doing there – you never know what you’re going to come across at CPAC.


I took this picture because I thought it was funny that there’s a big sign at CPAC that says, Radio Row sponsored by Koch Industries. (Suck-it Dingy.) Unfortunately my iPhone takes lousy pictures. If you squint you can almost see it.


Blog Bash!

Lt. Col. Allen West spoke to conservative bloggers at Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar in National Harbor Thursday night after a busy first day of CPAC, telling us we are on the front lines of the culture war and thanking us for our service.

Reacting to the noisy, raucous, enthusiastic crowd, he started out by yelling “SHUT UP!” and later said, “lotta people gonna get a smack down from me!”

He concluded by telling bloggers “we need you to stand up and fight this culture battle against the left. Remember Andrew Breitbart, remember what he showed us. Every time you sit down at your computer, you’re carrying on the legacy that Andrew Breitbart taught us in the conservative movement.”

The 5th annual Blog Bash was a great success! 2014 had a stellar lineup of award winners:

Blogger of the Year

Bill Jacobson, Legal Insurrection

Bloggers’ Choice: Blogger Advocate

Ericka Andersen, Heritage Foundation & Right Social Daily

Bloggers’ Choice: Journalist of the Year

James Rosen, Fox News

Bloggers’ Choice: Movie of the Year (Jan 2013 – Feb 2014)


Bloggers’ Choice: Non-Profit Blogger of the Year

Jeffery Dunetz, David Horowitz Freedom Center

Best Activism Post of 2013

Robert McCain, Aggravating Circumstances: Against the #FreeKate Campaign for Sexual Anarchy

Best Investigative Post of 2013

Joe Schoffstall, ‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories

 Best Sunlight Post of 2013

Alyssa Canobbio, Americans for Tax Reform, Obama Administration Spent $4.5 Billion on State Healthcare Websites

Best in Show: Podcast

Wayne Dupree Show

Best in Show: Microblog

SooperMexican (Twitter: @SooperMexican)

Best in Show: Video

Julie Borowski, ObamaCare Stinks for Young People

Legacy Award Eugene Volokh

State Blogger Cliff Sims, YellowHammer Politics

Friend of Bloggers… Ken White, Popehat

Andrew Breitbart’s Changing the Narrative Award Twitchy.com

Bloggers Stand With… IRS victims


Mary Katherine Ham introduced the winner of the Best Investigative Blog Post, Robert Stacy McCain:

The winning entry, “Aggravating Circumstances: Against the #FreeKate Campaign for Sexual Anarchy,” was to some degree motivated by my general disgust with politics. Readers may recall that the 2012 election caused me to announce that we are “Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption,” and nothing that the Republican Party has done in the past 17 months has inspired any greater confidence that politics can accomplish much. It is possible to summarize our problem in two words: Cultural Decadence.


The rest of the winners:



And down came the confetti:


At a lunchtime bloggers briefing, Republican powerhouses Phil Kerpin, Andrew Langer, and Ralph Reed explained how the right was able to collect over 140,000 signatures on regulations.gov opposing the malicious IRS 501 C 4 change in regulations.


I’ll try to have the videos from that briefing up later tonight or later this weekend. Make no mistake. Those 140,000 signatures was no small feat and should keep the IRS busy for awhile. The right has finally figured out how to fight fire with fire.

The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and we have the results  for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“A hungry wolf is stronger than a satisfied dog” -Old Ukrainian Proverb

““There’s not a lot of options on the table, candidly … Putin is playing chess and we are playing marbles.” -House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R., Mich.) on “Fox News Sunday”

“Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is.” -Sir Winston Churchill, 1916


This week’s winner by a nose, Joshuapundit’s  The Ukraine Folk Dance And What It Really Means is my analysis of what’s happening in Ukraine, something several other Council members weighed in on in a number of excellent pieces that will reward your attention. Here’s a slice:

The Ukraine exploded this weekend, as Vladimir Putin got backing from the Russian Duma (parliament) to send the troops into Crimea. Russian forces seized the strategic peninsula over the weekend, surrounded a few small Ukrainian military outposts and demanded the Ukrainian troops inside surrender and disarm.

Meanwhile, the Crimea now has its own, pro-Russian government and the new Ukrainian prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, mobilized the Ukrainian military and said that that Kiev would request international intervention if the Russian military didn’t withdraw.

“This is actually a declaration of war to my country. We urge Putin to pull back his troops from this country and honor bilateral agreements,” he said. “If he wants to be the president who started the war between two neighboring and friendly countries, he has reached his target within a few inches.”

Except Ukraine will have to do without its 10 ship navy in any hostilities. Just a day after he had been appointed head of the Ukraine’s navy by interim president Oleksandr Turchynov, Admiral Denis Berezovsky let it be known he was switching sides to the pro-Russian authorities.

“I swear to execute the orders of the [pro-Russia] commander-in-chief of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” he said, speaking from the Crimean headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet at the Crimean port of Sebastopol.

In any event, it’s obvious that what passes for the Ukraine’s army is no match for the Russians in any stand up fight if it comes to that. So Turchynov is pretty much limited to hoping for international intervention, especially since Putin is also likely to go after the Eastern Ukraine as well, which is also predominantly native Russian.

President Obama, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the EU were apparently caught completely off guard by the events in Ukraine. Even the obvious Russian military buildup and the implications of the Russians saying openly that there was ‘ no basis for dialog’ with the Ukraine rebels seems to have escaped them. President Obama skipped out on a scheduled National Security meeting with his team to attend a film festival, but attempted to play catchup with a phone call  to Russian leader Vladimir Putin after the military incursion, while Secretary Kerry was reduced to threats of ‘maybe throwing Russia out of the G-8′. As for the EU, Lady Ashton, its foreign policy chief commented, “This is an unwarranted escalation of tensions. I therefore call upon the Russian Federation not to dispatch such troops, but to promote its views through peaceful means.”

I swear, I could almost hear the Russians laughing at these people from here.No wonder the Kremlin spokesperson replied ‘no comment at this time’ to bold statements like that!


Oddly enough, there  was a certain former vice-presidential candidate who saw things clearly as far back as 2008:

Yes she was certainly mocked for that one,wasn’t she? ‘Ooh,I can see Russia from my howwwse’ said SNL’s  Tina Fey, creating campaign fodder out of something Governor Palin never said but that was linked to her endlessly.  Except the joke was on the country, because not only was Governor Palin the only person on either ticket with any executive experience, she was also the only one of the four with any experience actually negotiating anything with a foreign country. As usual, she was right about Russia as well as pretty much everything else, including President Obama and his behavior.

So where do we go from here?

Much more at the link

In our non-Council category, the  winner was Allen West with Obama and Hagel have surrendered our military strength submitted by The Noisy Room, in which Col. West takes apart the Obama/Hagel proposed military budget that sharply downsizes our military.

OK, here are this week’s full results.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!  Don’t forget to tune in on Monday AM for  this week’s  Watcher’s Forum, as the Council and their invited special  guests take apart one of the  provocative issues of the day with  short  takes and weigh in…don’t you dare miss it. And don’t  forget to like us  on Facebook and follow us on Twitter…..’cause we’re cool like that!