CIA sat on Benghazi investigation, US personnel Outraged


Despite at least  two complaints filed by CIA employees who are concerned  about the overall decision-making, and possible destruction of evidence re Benghazi, we now hear that there was never a CIA investigation into what went wrong.

Fox News reported:

American personnel on the ground in Benghazi the night of the 2012 terror attack are outraged after learning that the CIA’s inspector general never conducted an investigation into what happened — despite two CIA workers being killed in the attack and despite at least two complaints being filed by CIA employees.

Former Ambassador Chris Stevens, another State official and two ex-Navy SEALs working for the CIA were killed in that attack.

Many in the agency were told, or were under the impression, that an investigation was in the works, but that is not the case.

One person close to the issue told Fox News: “They should be doing an investigation to see what the chief of base in Benghazi and station chief in Tripoli did that night. If they did, they’d find out there were some major mistakes.”

This source claimed an investigation would likely uncover a lot of details the public does not know.

Asked why such a probe has not been launched, a CIA spokesman said: “CIA’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) always reviews carefully every matter that is brought to its attention, and takes appropriate action based on a variety of factors.”

Can you say “cover-up” boys and girls? I thought you could.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, Fox reported last week that the DOJ appears to be stonewalling Congress on the investigation of former CIA Director David Petraeus, which is nearly two years old. At a hearing last May, Eric Holder (who for some reason is still our Attorney General) promised that he would get back Congressman Jason Chaffetz on the investigation – if there indeed is one.

Not surprisingly, Holder hasn’t gotten back to Chaffetz and no one has heard from Petraeus since he left the CIA, leaving suspicious minds to speculate that it’s being used to “keep Petraeus quiet.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, pressed Holder on the matter in a letter, which was reviewed by Fox News — and suggested the probe is being left open to keep Petraeus “quiet” on issues like the Benghazi terror attack.

“My understanding is that, as of today, the investigation into General Petraeus, is still ongoing. Why is the investigation still ongoing? When will the investigation conclude? What are the issues still in question?” he wrote.


“It’s been nearly two years since the investigation started on General Petraeus — if there is something serious and sinister, then let Congress know. If not, give this man’s reputation back. But I worry that the White House is just holding this over his head to keep him quiet,” Chaffetz said.

Republicans on these Committees should know by now that when a member of this Regime tells them that they’ll get back to them on something, that’s their way of saying “F*ck you, I think we’re going to run out the clock, instead. Suck it up, losers.”

They’ve got three more years to play this game with us, and believe me, they’ll make the most of it.

As for the latest spy scandal – don’t worry, Senate Democrats and their  media allies will kiss and make up with Obama over that minor kerfuffle by St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s up to Republicans to save the Republic……

Yeah, I know – we’re screwed.

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