Video: Ed Henry Offends Jay Carney With Impertinent Question

“Have you no sense of decency, sir?” Jay Carney seemed to sneer at Fox News’ Ed Henry for having the audacity to suggest that the Regime’s 2014 policy initiatives – women in the economy, minimum wage and overtime wage increases – just might have something to do with the mid term elections.  “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

“These are the right things to do for the economy!” an animated Carney exclaimed.

“It has nothing to do with the midterms?” Henry pressed.

“You know what — every woman in here ought to be offended by that,” Carny simpered, resorting to his oft used tactic of trying to turn the other reporters in the room against the tough questioner. “I’m offended by it on behalf of my wife and my daughter – it’s crazy!”

#RepublicanWarOnWomen you guyz!

Fox and Friends showed the clip from yesterday on their show this morning. As co-host Steve Doocy notes in the video below, Jay Carney’s wife should be offended by the fact that Barack Obama’s White House pays men more than women – “the ‘War on Women’ starts at the White House,” he said.

A Daily Caller analysis of the administration’s 2013 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff shows that the White House still paid women less than men in 2013.

The analysis of the data, which, as the document notes, does not “reflect salary reductions staff have taken due to furloughs and commissioned officer salary reductions,” found that the median 2013 salary for men was $73,729, while the median salary for women was $65,000.

So Carney’s got a lot of nerve acting huffy about that particular question.

“I find that offensive that Jay Carney expects us to buy that he was offended,” Brian Kilmeade said. “Was he actually offended, or was he just trying to fend off another Ed Henry question?”

That was a rhetorical question. Everything this administration does is calculated and political. It’s embarrassing that liberal women lap this stuff up.

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