Pat Caddell: ‘The Government Has Decided To Surrender The Country’ (Video)

Fox News’ Political Insiders, Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier  joined Harris Faulkner, Sunday evening to talk about the big news stories, this week – starting with the missing Malaysian airliner and then moving on to the Obama administration’s decision to give up control of the internet, always leading from behind on the world stage and letting Putin eat their lunch, and finishing on domestic politics.

Caddell thought that the NSA should have some information about the missing plane given their surveillance abilities. LeBoutillier concurred, adding, ” they’re spying on Americans, they’re spying on the US Senate, but they can’t find this plane.”  He went on to note that we have the ability to track down a missing plane using modern technology: “The president should, if he hasn’t already, order the National Geo-spacial Intelligence Agency (that’s the one that does all the satellite photography) – we should be looking everywhere on this arc that this plane could be, every airstrip there, going back two months ago, to see if any extensions were built to accommodate this plane, and then we should be looking ….. that morning, at every plane that landed there. That is something we have the technology to do.”

Schoen bemoaned the administration for “not taking a leadership role. We haven’t heard from – really – anybody in our government to say we’re going to take the lead on terrorism, on air safety, air piracy…”

“They’re leading from behind, Doug!”  LeBoutillier exclaimed.

The Insiders unanimously disapproved of the Regime’s plan to give up control of the internet, calling it a huge national security risk. Schoen, said, “again, our government is silent.”

But  “it’s worse than silent”, Caddell piped in. “Let’s understand something. They do what they do all the time, which is surrender whatever advantages the country has – whichever advantages, wherever we dominate – their idea is  – we should get out, we should lead from behind, we should give it up, and just like they let Eastern Europe go, they’re letting the internet go….This government in Washington, and I hate to say, our party, has decided to surrender the country. The internet is just part of it.”

LeBoutillier called what is going on since Obama bowed out of the space race, “a pattern of retreat and psychological surrender.” And Caddell lamented that the Republican party won’t fight for any of these things.

The insiders then took turns slamming Sec. of State John Kerry for his latest weak inanities vis a vis the Ukraine.

After the break, they shared their thoughts on the Jolly win in Florida. Schoen called it an a “huge huge setback for Democrats.”

Caddell said, “this race would have been 7 points without the libertarian (which somehow the Democrats always manage to have in the race – Republicans are too stupid to have Green Party people)  but what you had there was a terrible candidate – a lobbyist for God’s sake –  running instead of an insurgent – against a candidate that almost won for Governor – was quite good and was expected to win.”

“Here’s the thing”, he continued, “Democrats said, we’ve got this slogan, we’re going to fix ObamaCare yet the Republicans let them get away with the fact that they never proposed any solutions …and on the other side the Republicans refused to have something to replace ObamaCAre with.

Video via Johnny Dollar’s Place

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