This Pub Owner’s Next Sign Will Say, “Out Of Business”

In the wake of the Newtown school shooting in December 2012, gun control advocates were successful in pushing through restrictions on the Second Amendment in eight states.

Gun-rights activists in South Carolina saw  the pendulum swing back in their direction,  last month when  Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill, passed the General Assembly that allowed for concealed carry in bars and restaurants.

Governor Haley spoke at length during today’s signing ceremony about the importance of removing the restriction on CWP holders carrying for personal protection in restaurants where alcohol is served.  She also clarified much of the misinformation anti-gun extremists and the media had been claiming regarding this critical personal protection reform.

Via Twitchy, one pub owner, apparently still bitter about the pro-gun legislation, posted this on his establishment’s door:

Leftists aren’t known for having business acumen, but it’s hard to believe someone could be so unhinged about a political issue that they would antagonize a large portion of his potential customers with such an offensive sign.

7 thoughts on “This Pub Owner’s Next Sign Will Say, “Out Of Business”

  1. Well, I live about 10 miles from that bar. I’ve been to a Pink Floyd concert at Death Valley in Clemson and a couple of football games, but have never been to the Back Street Bar. Reckon I never will. There are better bars in the area and cheaper and more fun

    Also reckon the douchebag owner didn’t read the part of the bill that said that you could only carry into a bar if you WERE NOT drinking alcohol.


  2. Twitchy has more on the story. The guy has doubled down on the stupid, perhaps thinking any publicity is good publicity. Being on a campus, of course – it’s possible that the young skulls full of mush might take his side….


  3. The Law that was passed and signed by Nikki Haley “allows” for CWP holders to carry into establishments previously prohibited {Bars & Restaurants}. However the Law allows individual owners to still restrict the carry of those weapons {must be posted} and the Law does NOT allow the carry if you are consuming alcohol. On the lead up to the Law being past there were several “anti gun organizations” who went around and solicited owners not to support the passage of the Law, or if it were passed to not allow the carrying of weapons on their premises.

    If this guy is located on campus, he is probably just playing to the choir, I doubt if many on campus actually have CWP’s where they are still prohibited by Law.


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