Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s a Joke

Washington Free Beacon: 50 States of Obamacare Victims:

Harry Reid thinks that 50 states of Obamacare cancellations, raised premiums, cut workers’ hours, fines and computer headaches are all lies.

Sean Hannity’s Roast Of Obama’s Presidential Priorities Is Truly Epic:

Another Obamacare Bombshell – Stuart Varney My Take”

Greta Van Susteren: Greta: Not Even Obama’s Friends Respect Him Anymore:


Doctors Group Warns Obamacare Sticks Doctors With Unpaid Bills – Lou Dobbs:

Trifecta: Best Hypothesis Regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A Certain Hijacking or a Riddle for the Ages? Trifecta looks at the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Bill Whittle lends his unique perspective as a pilot, and concludes that this Boeing 777 mystery was a certain hijacking. Is Whittle correct, or is Flight 370 a puzzle that will never be solved?

The Hayride: Senator Rand Paul Speaks at Berkeley Forum:

PJ Media’s Roger L. Simon

Historically, the Republican Party has been just what the public thinks it is, largely a bunch of risk-averse white men who are totally clueless at public relations, even though they are on the right (correct) side of almost every issue.  Meanwhile, the liberal Democrats haven’t had a decent rational argument about anything for years, if they ever did. They ream young people, blacks and virtually every other “interest group”that supports them with their policies and they still win most national elections.  What a disgraceful group of losers that makes the Republicans. There are literally thousands of chips on the table and they’re leaving them all behind.

Rand Paul is smart enough to realize this and actually goes out and does things about it. Other Republicans should get out their little red book of quotations and Learn from Chairman Rand.  The country is changing.  Whole new groups are ripe for the picking, most obviously the young who are being so completely raked over by the Obama administration via Obamacare and the rest of the entitlements so many of them know they will never see. They were ready to applaud at Berkeley.

National Anthem of Ukraine translated into English:

 1,000 High School Students Sing US National Anthem on 18 Floors of Hotel:

Seasons of Grace: Mamma Mia! Nun Scores a Hit on Italy’s “The Voice”

Go into all the world, said Jesus.

Sister Cristina Scuccia, a 25-year-old Ursuline Sister of the Holy Family from Milan, Italy has taken that directive to heart.  The talented religious won a standing ovation on the blind auditions for The Voice 2, Italy’s popular talent show.

All four of the judges pushed the button that turned their chairs around to face the stage; and their shocked expressions upon seeing a Catholic nun belting out the lyrics of Alicia Keys’ “No One” were priceless.

Via Wikipedia: “Each season begins with the “Blind Auditions”, where coaches form their team of artists whom they mentor through the remainder of the season. The coaches’ chairs are faced towards the audience during artists’ performances; those interested in an artist press their button, which turns their chair towards the artist and illuminates the bottom of the chair to read “I want you.” At the conclusion of the performance, an artist either defaults to the only coach who turned around, or selects their coach if more than one coach expresses interest.”

I was going to save this video for Sunday, but by then, everyone in the world will have seen it. This went viral – and for good reason.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Obama’s a Joke

  1. The hit of the week:

    Come Back Barry


    Putin sings:
    Come back when you grow a pair
    Why you’re still talking with your nose in the air?
    Speeches are easy, conquest is tough
    So come back, Barry, when you grow some

    I’m in control of Crimea now
    But your mind hasn’t gotten the message somehow
    You really can’t take it when the going gets rough
    So come back, Barry, when you grow some

    I would respect you but your wide-eyed innocence
    Has really messed up your mind, yeah-eah-eah
    It’s time to teach you this is not patty-cake
    Back it up when you draw a line

    Iran, Ukraine, and Syria
    Prove you’re still living in a paper-doll world
    Your allies are uneasy, because I call your bluff
    So come back, Barry, when you grow some

    Come back when you grow a pair
    Why you’re still talking with that stupid nose in the air?
    Speeches are easy, conquest is tough
    So come back, Barry, when you grow some

    Come back when you grow a pair
    Why is this nose still up in the air?
    Speeches are easy, conquest is tough
    So come back, Barry, when you grow some


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