Judge Jeanine slams Obama: Putin’s Been Bitchslapping You Since the Edward Snowden Mess (Video)

Judge Jeanine unloaded on Obama in her opening statement, Saturday night, saying that he continues to fumble on the world stage, and is single-handedly bringing about the decline of America as a world power.

She declared that it has been going on since Obama took office with the finger wagging, the red lines, and removing of economic sanctions against Iran, relying on Russia to broker a deal with Syria, letting 4 American die in Benghazi etc.

“Our enemies now see us as weak and are emboldened” she complained. “All while our president trumpets the reduction of our military on the world stage.”

She continued the tongue lashing, “while Obama moves tea cups, Putin is moving soldiers and tanks.”

After noting that he took down the missile defense system in Poland with nothing in return, she asked exasperatingly, “why are you doing this? Do you even know who our enemies are? Do you know that your obligation is to protect us and protect our economy? And you say Russia is a regional power? With all due respect, Mr. President, Putin is a pig – but he’s been bitch-slapping you since the Edward Snowden mess.

Pirro spoke with the “infamous” Stephen Cohen Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies of NYU and Princeton University, who also writes at the Nation and is married to Katrina vanden Heuvel. Certainly a man of the left, he is considered by some  on the right to be a “commie apologist” and “a slavish defender of Putinism,” but he doesn’t come off that way to me.

A regular guest on the John Batchelor Show (a moderate establishment type Republican), the 76 year old Cohen has an incisive, sharp intellect, and a differing point of view that shouldn’t be breezily dismissed. He tried to explain “the other side of the story” in the brief amount of time he had with Jeanine Pirro, whom I adore, but she did seem to be a bit out of her depth with Professor Cohen.

Also check out this fascinating read by Cathy Young of Reason, in The Daily Beast, if you’d like to understand what makes “Vladimir Putin’s Best Friend in the American Media” tick.

He is a great historian of Stalinism who has been celebrated by colleagues on the left and right. So why is Stephen F. Cohen so eager to act as a propagandist for Putin?
Stephen F. Cohen, a veteran Russian scholar at New York University and Princeton, has lately gained some dubious notoriety as Vladimir Putin’s number one apologist in the ranks of American punditry. After a piece in The Nationslamming the American media for “toxic” anti-Putin reporting and a CNN appearance defending Putin’s incursion into Crimea as an attempt to protect “Russia’s traditional zones of national security,” Cohen was excoriated not just by the conservative media but by The New Republic and New York magazine. More recently, a critical but respectful feature in Newsweek dubbed him “the man who dared make Putin’s case.”


Pirro and Betsy McGaughey, auther of the new book, Beating ObamaCare in 2014,  discussed the latest inflated ObamaCare numbers.

She also had on Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice to discuss the Hobby Lobby religious liberty case. In Sekulow’s opinion, the Supreme Court opinion shouldn’t be close.

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