Church Militant: The Pope, the Press and the People (Video)

Kathryn Jean Lopex of NRO interviewed Alejandro Bermudez,  the editor of Pope Francis — Our Brother, Our Friend: Personal Recollections about the Man Who Became Pope  about Pope Francis’s first year as pontiff on the anniversary of his election. She asked him what his ‘best explanation and understanding of what people are calling the “Francis effect”?’

Bermudez answered; ‘the “Francis effect” is probably the best name, as vague as it is, to describe this phenomenon, since I find hard to pinpoint what has made Pope Francis such a colossal figure in today’s world. Is it his warm, loving concern for the little ones? Is it his testimony of a simple, humble life? Is it his message of mercy and forgiveness? Is it a combination of all those or something else? I don’t think anyone can pinpoint it. But the fact is that Pope Francis has revitalized the presence of the Catholic Church and opened new opportunities to re-propose the tenets of Christianity to a confused world. That is the “Francis effect.”’


“The Francis effect” was the topic of discussion in this recent episode of “Church Militant” with Michael Voris and a number of  his distinguished guests.

Who is capitalizing on this “Francis Effect” and does it even involve Pope Francis??
Kicking off the show will be Erin Mersino from the Thomas More Law Center to discuss with us the Oral Arguments that took place for the Hobby Lobby/HHS Mandate Supreme court case.
After that, Michael will welcome John DeJak, President of the Bellarmine Forum.
Also, joining Michael to discuss his book, “The Vatican Diaries”, will be author, John Thavis.
In the Bulk of the show Michael will welcome Joe Garcia and Kate O’Hare, two writers who have discovered massive errors in what Pope Francis has said compared to how Pope Francis has been translated.



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