Doug Shoen: “Putin wants to put the Soviet Union back together, and we’re not stopping him.” (Video)

On Sunday, Sec. of State John Kerry stated that questions regarding the further federalization of Ukraine was up to Ukrainian citizens, not outside powers, following a meeting in Paris with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov,

Lavrov had stated earlier that Ukraine would not be able to function as a unified state and should push for decentralized governance that provides regions with greater autonomy.

“It is not up to us to make any decision or agreement regarding federalization. It is up to Ukrainians,” said Kerry.

Kerry also went on to condemn the presence of an estimated 40,000 Russian troops currently gathered along the Ukrainian border.

Fox News’ Political Insiders Pat Caddell, Doug “Bottom Line” Schoen, John LeBoutillier joined Harris Faulkner, Sunday evening to talk about the Kerry meeting.

Schoen shared what he called, Shoen’s Law: “Lavrov + Kerry = capitulation. Put simply, Harris, when we talk about the federalization of Ukraine, it is effectively as if we were talking about the break up of a sovereign nation – who are in the midst of a presidential election – this is unbelievable that this is going on, and I must tell you – I’m deeply concerned.”

Caddell agreed, noting that the parallels to Neville chamberlain is frightening. He suggested that what Putin said when he called Obama, was “I’m gonna need Moldavia, I’m gonna need the Balkan states…”

He continued, “this is not going to stop, and his statement, ‘I have no more territorial demands’ – it’s exactly what Adolf Hitler said.” And repeating his refrain from the past few weeks, Caddell declared, “we’re surrendering everything.”

Shoen said, “Putin wants to put the Soviet Union back together, and we’re not stopping him.”

And he continued (using his favorite phrase,  “bottom line” twice in one sentence) “Our troop levels are at their lowest levels in the last 40 years, we’re cutting our defense budget, as the Russian and Chinese are increasing their budgets by 10 – 12%. Bottom line – we’re not prepared to fight a war, we’re certainly not prepared to fight on multiple fronts…bottom line, Harris – we’re in trouble.”

In Caddell’s opinion,  Obama “appears to be committed to what is essentially unilateral disarmament.”

Around the world and at home, the Insiders noted, polling shows that the United States is seen as weaker today, than before Obama was elected.

Pat Caddell said, Obama is “the first American president I believe who does not particularly think America is an exceptional nation – and acts like it.”

Shoen agreed, “when I travel around the world and talk to people about our administration, people are confused, they’re aghast – and they believe that we are weak and without leadership.”

When the conversation moved to the latest ObamaCare delay, and the Regime’s bogus signup numbers, Caddell said, “look, all of this is basically a refusal to acknowledge that ObamaCare needs to be fixed.”

They talked about the new health care plan than that is being proposed (by Democrats) “to save their skin in the elections”, slamming the Republicans for not putting forward a plan of their own – (even though there are several good proposals out there, including a recent proposal from Senate Republicans.)

Moving on to the Republican presidential candidates, they said, “Chris Christie is in severe political distress” due to bridge-gate and Jeb Bush is profiting off of that because the GOP establishment big money bundlers are now favoring him. (insane, I know.)

“He’s running worse in the polls than anyone,” Caddell noted,  “because half the country says under no circumstances will we vote for another Bush.”



3 thoughts on “Doug Shoen: “Putin wants to put the Soviet Union back together, and we’re not stopping him.” (Video)

  1. What we are witnessing here has been festering for the last several years. It is the wholesale, unilateral, withdrawal of the United States from the world stage, then mix in the neutering of the Military Senior Leadership. Everyone should be very concerned with these two azzholes {obozo & hanoi john} running things and the direction we are headed in.

    Pootins, ultimate goal is the reunification of the former soviet satellite countries and to drive a huge wedge into NATO. John mentioned in the video clip that we “are obligated to defend a NATO Allie”. We were also obligated by Treaty to support Ukraine in this mess and haven’t done so. During the break up of the Soviet satellite countries, Ukraine was the 2 or 3 largest holder of Nuclear Weapons. We along with others were very concerned about those weapons ending up in the wrong hands. We signed a Treaty with them saying that IF they ever came under attack, we would come to their aid. That Treaty was re-ratified again in 2009 by our current President. So turn up the crickets, this is just the latest incident that we haven’t lived up too.

    Our response to this crisis has been sending MRE’s {Meals Ready to Eat}, and it’s taken us three weeks to get them there. Aid is stalemated in Congress and absolutely “no weapons” to support Ukraine. After all, we wouldn’t want to piss off Pootin and make him mad. No telling what the hell he’d do then.

    Pootin has amassed the equivalent of some two-three Divisions on the Ukraine border. They aren’t “used car salesman” waiting to enter the country. There are dozens of “Pipelines” that run through eastern Ukraine that supply most, if not all of Europe with energy. He has used those pipelines and energy as weapons before. Pootin will give the immediate “GO” if there is the least threat even mentioned regarding those pipelines. . He will make his move and most likely will make the move anyway without any threat.

    As Yogi would say. . . .”this is Deja Vu all over again.” We’ve seen this act before and it lead to a World War. Like back then Europe is in denial and has it’s head buried and is shaking in their boots. They aren’t going to do anything of any significance. The only difference is WE have two version of Neville Chamberlain running our Foreign Policy and National Security here.

    “Tell Vlad that I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” – barry hussein obozo


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