Your Sunday Hymn: What Wondrous Love Is This?

Chelsea Moon with the Franz Brothers performed live this overwhelmingly beautiful rendition of the American folk hymn, “What Wondrous Love is This?” Often reserved for Palm Sunday and/or Good Friday during Holy week, the hymn’s lyrics express awe at the love of God and is inspired by John 3:16.

From the album HYMN PROJECT: VOL. 2.

How about a country version? Here’s Blue Highway in Bristol singing it a Capella, God, love them:

A choral version sung by the Thomas Aquinas College 2012 Summer Program Choir – this is how I’m used to hearing it and singing it.


Background and Lyrics

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William La Jeunesse: BLM Retreated in the Face of Armed Confrontation With Citizens Militia Video)

The Bundy ranch stand-off in Nevada ended peacefully, today – unexpectedly according to Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse who reported live from the scene, earlier in the day, and was on Justice with  Judge Jeanine Pirro, Saturday night to talk about it.  La Jeunesse said he was in a conference call with officials from the BLM, Friday, and it sounded like up until that morning, the cattle seizing operation was still a go.

“They were going strong – they were seizing his cattle – about 400, they had knocked down corrals, they had knocked down fences, taken down water tanks, and this morning at 9:00 a.m., as people gathered behind me, the BLM abruptly said they were stopping operations – they were pulling out. That was unexpected. They said they were doing it for the safety of their own employees as well as the public.”

La Jeunesse said there were armed militia there, so the BLM backed off, but didn’t offer to return the cattle. Clive Bundy said he would give them one hour, and if the BLM didn’t return the cattle, they would go down to the corral, and get them, themselves. La Jeunesse said, “there was a huge confrontation on interstate 15. Two to three hundred protesters stopping traffic, Southbound, and then the highway patrol shows up, local police show up, and there is literally a confrontation – I would say an armed confrontation, because some in law enforcement had their guns out, and the private militia or citizens militia had their guns out as well. We have pictures of guys in the sniper position looking through their sights. I’m not making it up, okay?”

Pirro interviewed Scott Hagman, a Bundy family friend, who told her, “we were literally staring down assault rifles. And we moved forward on them, and pressed them in order to make them come to a different conclusion.”