Andrew McCarthy: The Cairo ‘Protests’ Were Not About The Video, Either (Video)

Former Assistant United States Attorney and NRO and PJ Media contributor, Andrew McCarthy, appeared on The Kelly File, Thursday night to discuss the new Benghazi emails and give his reaction to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s deceptive performance Wednesday in the White House briefing room.  

In Carney’s exchange with Jonathan Karl, he insisted that Rhodes’ email was not about Benghazi, arguing that the talking points were meant to cover what caused the protests outside other embassies in the Middle East (Khartoum, Tunis, and Cairo). 

“Of all the insults to the intelligence that we’ve heard from the podium,” McCarthy said, “that one may be the worst one that we’ve heard over the past  five or six years…”

He went on to point out that the whole reason for the talking points, was to prep Susan Rice for the Sunday talk shows where she was to talk about what?  The Benghazi massacre. If not for the Benghazi attack, she would not have been appearing on those shows.

As for why Judicial Watch was able to get the docs, but Congress was not, he answered, “a lawyer can prosecute an actual case to try to get to the bottom of what actual happened –  whereas 5 different congressional committees all coming at it from different angles are not equipped to do an actual criminal investigation. He couldn’t say why Boehner hasn’t called for Select Committee. “If he doesn’t do it now, it’s inexplicable,” he said.

MacCallum asked McCarthy what he thought about the phony YouTube video narrative; “you also claim that even Egypt didn’t have anything to do with the video.”

“The video is a fraud through and through,” McCarthy declared. “The video never had anything to do with Benghazi, and it’s unfortunate that people have accepted that it had something to do with Cairo. We knew before the Cairo Embassy –  what they called protesting but was actually violent rioting  – happened under circumstances where  al Qaeda elements had been threatening the embassy for weeks to get the freedom of the guy I prosecuted in the nineties the Blind Sheikh – which was a big deal in Egypt. That was what was mainly going on in Egypt.”

“The video thing was a side show”, he explained. “The State Dept. put out these tweets to try to spin the trouble in Cairo as attributable to the video.”

The Andrew McCarthy interview begins 8:00 minutes in.

Walid Shoebat notes:

It is both interesting and telling that Carney would concede that the protests outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo were the result of the video. One thing that Carney will not and has not conceded is that CNN’s Nic Robertson was outside the Cairo embassy on the morning of the attack as protests were taking place. Those protests – which had been going on for several weeks – were about demanding the release of the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing – Omar Abdel Rahman (“the Blind Sheikh”), as we presented in EXHIBIT Z of our “Ironclad” Report:

Everything this Regime does it political spin and outright lies (even as they project that Republicans are the ones who politicize everything.)

That’s why no one should trust them on anything — be it domestic policy, or foreign policy. That’s why I haven’t posted much on the Ukraine. There is a lot of propaganda being thrown out there from all sides on the Ukraine situation – and a lot of it is coming from this untrustworthy Regime. Media stenographers uncritically parrot whatever this corrupt State Dept tells them and sometimes they don’t even have the correct facts.  We’re only getting one side of the story and it’s a complicated story, and we can no longer trust our own government to tell us the truth. Spin is one thing – outright lies are another.

I’m afraid that getting to the bottom of Benghazi is going to take a Select Committee. And if we ever find out what really happened (there are various theories) we may well find that some House and Senate intel committee members were caught up in the scandal too.


3 thoughts on “Andrew McCarthy: The Cairo ‘Protests’ Were Not About The Video, Either (Video)

  1. Well this has got to have Mr Avoidance, Boehner, squirming in his diapers-he has absolutely no alternative but to call a committee together with subpoena authority.

    Whether he does or not is sickly still in doubt-hate to say it but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he didn’t. He’ll pivot to amnesty.

    In the meantime watch the REgressives-LOOK a squirrel-amp up their phony BS on the Republican war on women and the push for a higher minimum wage


  2. I just can not believe that Obama has a give or take 40% approval rating-seriously, is it possible that there are that many zombified REgressives walking among us? 40%?? Has the NEA done that good a job????


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