Issa: WH Withholding Benghazi Docs ‘Disturbing and Perhaps Criminal’ (Video)

During the Committee hearing on Benghazi, Congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the Oversight and Reform Committee complained that the Benghazi documents recently released by the White House  to Judicial Watch in response to their FOIA request, should have been turned over to Congress a year and a half ago.

“Since late March, alone we have received over 3,o00 new documents, many of which have never been seen by anyone outside of the administration – and all of which should have been turned over over a year and a half ago, when the committee began its investigation,” Issa said.

“The documents from Judicial Watch’s FOIA which was pursuant to our request more than over a year and a half ago, show a direct White House role outside of talking points prepared by the intelligence community,” he continued. “The White House produced the talking points that Ambassador Rice used. Not the intelligence community.” (Jay Carney still says otherwise, but whatever, huh?) 

 “In pushing the false narrative that a YouTube video was responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans, it is disturbing and perhaps criminal that these documents — that documents like these — were hidden by the Obama administration from Congress and the public alike, particularly after Secretary Kerry pledged cooperation and the president himself told the American people in November of 2012 that, quote, ‘every bit of information we have on Benghazi has been provided,'” Issa said.

He noted that “the president himself said in November of 2012, that every bit of information that we have on Benghazi has been provided.”

No wonder Obama is lawyering up.

Issa later questioned General Lovell.

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4 thoughts on “Issa: WH Withholding Benghazi Docs ‘Disturbing and Perhaps Criminal’ (Video)

  1. The Holder DOJ became criminal from Day One with the cover up of the unprosecuted felony election crime recorded on poll watcher video that was committed by the New Black Panther Party’s Minister King Samir Shabazz. Holder made a point of making a “corporate” culture of not pursuing any crimes where the victims were white (until the social parity of blacks and whites is equal in the deepest parts of Mississippi). Since then, we’ve had the Fast & Furious gun running to the preferred Mexican drug cartels (only begun under Holder) and… I don’t have time to list all the treasonous crimes he should be charged and trialled with immediately. How Eric Holder, an anti-American communist operative ever reached this level of office is worthy of much consideration.


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