Krauthammer: Benghazi Memo Reopened Scandal The Same Way Watergate Tapes Did (Video)

On Special Report Thursday night, Charles Krauthammer said that the discovery of  the Ben Rhodes talking points email breathed new life into a scandal he said a few weeks ago, was dead in the water. Krauthammer compared the discovery of the email to that of the Nixon tapes that blew open the Watergate scandal in 1973. And he said that the media is a little embarrassed because now they know that they were stonewalled, “spun and rolled for a year and a half,” and now it’s obvious that they missed the story. (Like they’ve missed so many other stories.)

Transcript via RCP:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I think what’s really happened here is what Mara says, this e-mail has sort of reopened this in the same way that in Watergate it was this sort of quiet, private discovery that there were tapes in the White House. It also died down, and I think Richard Nixon would still be president of the United States today, still hook or by crook, had the tapes not been discovered. And that’s what restarted this. And this e-mail from the White House, that’s what everybody had said, is there a way to — is there any involvement here of the White House which makes it obviously a political issue, the reelection of the president overriding the truth. And that’s why I think it is all reopened.

And watching Carney today, I have to say again, they don’t pay him enough. On the first question, if this was a release of information for a request on Benghazi, how can you tell us it isn’t about Benghazi? He simply says, I have no idea, ask the State Department. But then when you point out the fact that this is the only time — well, it isn’t the only. It’s one of the rare times when you get a high administration official going on all five shows. It happened only once in the Bush administration. It never happened in the Clinton administration. And if they had not been about Benghazi, does anybody imagine she would have been on the five shows because of a demonstration in Cairo? That’s ridiculous. 

The briefing, the appearances, it was all about Benghazi. Of course everything in the memo is about Benghazi. And when Carney denies it, he simply looks foolish.

BRET BAIER: I didn’t pull the sound bite, but a few weeks ago you said right here on this panel that Republicans should move on, that they should kind of leave benghazi alone, that it was a dead end. Have you changed your perspective?

KRAUTHAMMER: Yes, because of the appearance of this memo. To me, it’s the equivalent of what was discovered with the Nixon tapes. The point is that Republicans have done a terrible job in building the case. Even today I have to say, the questioning was disjointed. It was not orgdanized. If they had appointed a special committee a long time ago, the way it was done in Watergate, we would have had answers on this and the country wouldn’t be tired. 

But what I did say was the reason it would not go anywhere is because the lack of interest of the other media. And what’s changed now, and we saw it in the briefing room, is I think the other media are somewhat embarrassed by the fact that, unlike FOX, they allowed themselves to be stoned and spun and rolled for a year and a half and now the memo appears and it’s obvious that they missed this story.

Video via NRO:




5 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Benghazi Memo Reopened Scandal The Same Way Watergate Tapes Did (Video)

  1. Krauthammer doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying, does he? That the MSM was bamboozled? They were complicit in this cover up and that is evident to anyone that continually calls the media shills for this WH. He should know this as he himself has made this quite clear numerous times .


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