Pat Caddell: Former National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon Behind The False Benghazi Talking Points

Fox News’ Political Insiders Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, Ed Rollins joined host Harris Faulkner to talk about Benghazi, big money in politics, the Ukraine, and more.

The hottest topic right now is of course was Benghazi, and House Speaker Boehner’s decision to establish a joint committee.  Faulkner asked the panel to respond to the latest on the scandal which includes a revelation made by Obama’s Chief Water-Carrier in the House, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) during an interview on Fox News Sunday. Schiff  suggested that Democrats should boycott the Select Committee. The Senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has a disgraceful record of partisan hackery on scandals that could hurt the president. Instead of cooperating  with Republicans during their investigations of Benghazi and Fast in Furious in their search for the truth, Schiff has seen his role as a partisan defender, protecting a Fellow Dem in the White House.

 During Attorney General Eric Holder’s Contempt hearing in June of 2012, Schiff said Republicans should have focused on stopping the gun violence that spills across the border, instead of focusing on stupid ol’ documents. I wrote at the time, that everything in his statement was designed to obfuscate and deceive.

In November of 2012, Schiff maintained that the changes to Benghazi talking points were made by intel community, and that was that. We were supposed to accept it and “move on.”  He told Fox News the changes in the talking points were driven by security considerations, not politics – a notion that still fails the laugh test all these months later. 

Pat Caddell told Faulkner, “I have been advocating since day one that they should have a Select Committee because it was the only way to get consistent questioning..”

“It’s sad,” he continued.  “I look at Adam Schiff ….during Watergate there were Republicans who were willing to stand up to the president and at least get to the truth. This is how bad our politics have become. The truth is – we know we have not been told the truth. We don’t know what the president was doing that night – but he was not in the Situation Room. And we know that the talking points were a fantasy imposed…”

Caddell’s advice to Republicans was to run the Committee not as a political show – but a fact-finding exercise, building the case that tells what really happened that night and what happened afterward.

“If they do that, and the Democrats don’t participate, then the Democrats will be hurt, Caddell said. But he added, “if the Republicans put on a political show, people will say, there you go – that’s what we expect. It behooves them all to act like American leaders and not like a bunch of hacks.”

He called Benghazi, “the biggest cover-up in Washington since Watergate. Bob Woodward and the rest of the press have taken a walk on this to protect the Obama administration.  Only Fox has pursued this and a few other outlets.”

Pat Caddell has it in for Tom Donilon – he’s laid into him in the past for being the White House leaker (the culprit in the now forgotten WH leak scandal of 2012)…

June 11, 2012:

Caddell said, “the culprit is clear, it’s National Security Adviser, Tom Donilon…..He is a political hack.

Back in October of 2010, in what was taken by many at the time to be a signal that the President had no interest in pivoting to the right in the wake of the the mid-term Dem-shellacking,  Obama appointed Tom Donilon to be his National Security Adviser, taking the place of the outgoing Marine General Jim Jones.

John, at Powerline provided a little background information on the President’s new National Security Adviser:

For a long time, Donilon lived his life from presidential campaign to campaign.

The Democratic operative worked on his first Democratic National Convention at 24, and he’s been helping elect candidates ever since. He has worked for Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Joseph R. Biden. …

He was a registered lobbyist from 1999 through 2005, and his sole client was Fannie Mae. … His brother is Michael C. Donilon, a counselor to Vice President Joseph R. Biden. His wife, Cathy Russell, is Jill Biden’s chief of staff.

(I should note that Donilon’s brother, Michael had visited the White house with two others on 9/11/2012 to help the president with debate prep.)

Andrew McCarthy reported that Defense Sec. Robert Gates had been quoted as saying that Tom Donilon would be “a disaster” if appointed national security adviser.

According to Bob Woodward’s book, Obama’s Wars Gates described Donilon, as clueless when it comes to the military and was deeply offended by the disrespect the former Fannie Mae lobbyist showed to senior military leadership.

The RNC has a profile on the Dem political operative (aka “Democrat Fixer”) who is now Obama’s Natl Security Adviser, here.

Doug Ross also reported that Donilon had a direct hand in destroying the housing market as Fannie Mae executive.

You really must listen to Caddell rail against the guy. Several times during the interview, Bannon cautioned Caddell to moderate his tone – he was sounding so harsh….

But Caddell stuck to his guns, saying,  “anyone who knows him knows, Tom Donilon will put being elected and the ambition of thinking that he should be Sec of State…above anything!

It almost sounds like Caddell is on a vendetta.

Caddell tore into Donilon, again, today – suggesting that he is behind the bogus YouTube video narrative.  “Ben Rhodes did not work in a vacuum,” Caddell declared. ” He worked for Tom Donilon, the National Security Advisor – former political hack –  who was running the National Security Council. And I’ve said this over and over – he was the person designing and running this.”  He said, “that’s the truth we need to get at.”

They spent the remainder of the segment talking about money in politics and the Ukraine.

Video via Johnny Dollar’s Place

3 thoughts on “Pat Caddell: Former National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon Behind The False Benghazi Talking Points

  1. Rollins should go and find a nice porch with a rocker to settle in at, where someone cleans up the oatmeal that drips down the chin. Talk about “Days of Future Past”. . . .geeez!


  2. LOL. They need a stronger Republican on this show. But “Democrat” Pat Caddell usually does a pretty good job of throwing out the red meat for conservatives to chew on.


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