Video: Gowdy Accuses Obama Admin of Hiding Benghazi Docs

The Man of the hour, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was on Greta Van Susteren, Monday night to talk about the latest revelations in the Benghazi investigation, and  being chosen to Chair the Select Committee.

Gowdy responded to Democrat critics of the probe by saying, “well, Greta, your viewers would still have the same unanswered questions we have… The jury I’m interested in are reasonable, fair-minded people like your viewers. Washington is its own echo-system. They wouldn’t like it if I cured Malaria tonight because I’m a Republican. So, of course, they’re going to be critical.”

He said that some unnamed witnesses have come forward and revealed the Regime has actively attempted to conceal certain documents from Benghazi investigators, including the Accountability Review Board.

Via The Washington Free Beacon: 

“Does anyone really believe the ARB had access to all of the documents and all of the witnesses? I don’t know anyone who believes that. So, necessarily, that undercuts whatever findings they may have found,” he said.

To that point, Gowdy pointed out the ARB relied on summaries of the military’s activity that night and never had an opportunity to interview former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Thus, Gowdy contended the ARB could not credibly conclude whether Clinton was aware of the threats facing the Benghazi mission.

The South Carolina Congressman also emphasized it will be critical for the committee to have complete and total access to all available documents, irrespective of whether the administration considers them relevant.  ”I want to see every single solitary relevant material document,” he said. “In fact, I want it see everything for which there can be any argument that it is relevant and then we can judge whether or not it’s material.”

Senator Ted Cruz spoke to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Monday, to discuss the White House’s stonewalling on the truth about the Benghazi attacks.

“I think it is unfortunate to see the Democratic Party circling the wagons around President Obama and Hillary Clinton and treating the death by terrorist attack of four Americans as nothing but a political inconvenience,” Cruz said.

“It has been 19 months, almost 20. We have four dead Americans. We have the first dead U.S. Ambassador killed in service since 1979. In the 19 months that have followed, we don’t have a single dead terrorist or a single terrorist apprehended, and what we have seen from the President and Senate Democrats has been stonewalling,” Sen. Cruz said.

Sen. Cruz outlined four basic questions to which Americans deserve answers:

  1. Why did the State Department repeatedly refuse to provide additional security as was requested by personnel on the ground?
  2. Why did we not have military assets in place to protect our men and women on the anniversary of September 11th when there was increased terrorist activity in the region?
  3.  During the attack, why didn’t we send in forces to protect those men?
  4. In the 19 months that have followed, why has no one been apprehended, and no one been brought to justice?

Sen. Cruz continued, “You and I both remember the presidential debate on foreign policy when President Obama said no one is more upset about what happened in Benghazi than I am…. If he were speaking the truth, if he cared about it, you would think that wouldn’t be the last time he mentioned it.”

“I’ve been calling for a Joint Select Committee for over a year now, and in fact I’ve introduced a resolution in the Senate that has 24 Senate cosponsors calling for a Joint Select Committee, and I understand the Democrats like to pretend it’s tit-for-tat.

“The truth shouldn’t be partisan. Finding out what happened, finding out how we could have prevented it, and acting to actually apprehend these guys, should not be partisan.”


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