Judge Jeanine Smacks Down Jay Carney, “Has This Guy Ever NOT Told A Lie At A Press Conference?”

In Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement, Saturday night, she called out Democrats who are refusing to participate in the Benghazi investigation committee, headed up by Trey Gowdy. “They have to be afraid of something,” she said. “They have something to hide.”

Making the point, that if the investigation were nothing but a crass political stunt, like Democrats say, wouldn’t that benefit Democrats? Pirro asked.

Pirro than ran through a list of unanswered questions the commission will be likely be seeking answers to – not the least of which is –  why did everyone lie?

Referring to Jay Carney, Pirro scoffed, “has this guy ever NOT told a lie at a press conference? I mean this guy should be indicted just for showing up because everyone knows that his intent is to lie.”

So true. I’m sick of seeing his smug, lying face. I don’t know how the press corps – even the ones who willingly help him disseminate the lies – don’t get sick to their stomach listening to his BS day after day.

Pirro had on Chris Farrell from Judicial Watch to talk about the work they’ve been doing to break through the Regimes protective firewall.

Farrell said that they’ve got “four lawsuits in federal court, right now.”

He added that they’ve also “filed dozens of FOIA requests at the various agencies – State, DoD, Justice and others.”

“There’s more to come,” he promised.

Pirro asked about the emails that are being withheld by the State Dept concerning a Fox News report on Benghazi.

“Clearly you guys set off alarm bells in the White House.” Farrell answered. “They were in panic mode, trying to shape a response – come up with some bullet points to knock down your reporting.”

“They will only abide with transparency when it’s compelled by law”, Farrell said.

Pirro had on Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey to talk about the make-up of the Select Committee.

She asked what would happen if the Dems decide to boycott.

“That’s a big so-what,” Mukasey answered. “Remember the Soviets walked out of the Security Counsel and a lot of good work got done in their absence. That’s the analogy I would draw.”

Charles Krauthammer also said he hopes Dems wILL boycott Benghazi investigation so America can avoid ‘softballs’ and ‘speeches.’

But I said it first: “I kinda like the idea of no Democrats being around to gum up the proceedings with partisan obfuscations myself.” May 5th.

Make our day, cry babies – have your little temper tantrum. Boycott the panel, whine and grouse on the sidelines while the grown-ups do the work.

It will be 41.6% better without them.

2 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Smacks Down Jay Carney, “Has This Guy Ever NOT Told A Lie At A Press Conference?”

  1. Of course the answer to the Judge’s question is . . . . .absolutely not! There is nobody in this entire administration knows what it’s like to tell the truth . . . . they ALL lie. Even when they’ve taken a “oath” to tell the truth. They have been doing it ever since the dim primary when obozo first got elected. With each passing day they have become more and more emboldened and the lies have gotten bigger and bigger.

    Nobody has challenged them for the most part. So they just continue. Their absolute disdain for the “Rule of Law” is flagrant and in your face. Nobody is doing anything about it. The list of “Impeachable Offenders” is huge and involves members of the administration, cabinet member and the President himself.

    crickets. . . . .


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