Saturday Movie Matinee: Media Malpractice on Benghazi

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Video: Trey Gowdy Rips MSM For Media Malpractice On Benghazi:

A video I posted last November is making the rounds. A lot of people missed it at the time because ObamaCrash was sucking the Oxygen out of all the other news stories – including Benghazi. But the post has continued to get traffic as more and more people watch the righteously indignant Gowdy shame the media for being AWOL on a major scandal.

The October 30 press conference took place after Senator Lindsey Graham threatened to hold up all future Senate confirmations unless the Regime was more forthcoming with the information Republicans were seeking.

Keep that in mind every time you hear a Democrat media strategist drone on about all of the hearings and all of the questions that have been answered.The Republicans had been stonewalled since day one, while the media looked the other way. Gowdy asked reporters if they could answer a series of pertinent questions about the attack – knowing, of course –  that the answer would be no.

He concluded by saying, “I am not surprised that POTUS called this a phony scandal. I’m not surprised that Sec. Clinton asked ‘what difference does it make?’ And I’m not even surprised that Jay Carney said it happened a long time ago. I’m just surprised that people bought it.”

Coverage Of Benghazi Questioned As Congress Preps Investigation – The Kelly File:

IRS Scandal – ‘Joke’ Investigation – Congress Calls Out DOJ Over IRS Probe – Fox & Friends:

Via Daily Mail:

The acting deputy U.S. attorney general in charge of overseeing ‘public integrity’ prosecutions testified Friday that he doesn’t know who’s in charge of the criminal investigation of Lois Lerner, the former IRS official at the center of the tea-party targeting scandal.

David O’Neil, whose job atop the DOJ’s criminal division puts him in charge of public corruption prosecutions, told Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan that he also doesn’t know how many prosecutors are assigned to the case, or how many attorneys from his division are working on it.

Asked to identify the lead agent in the Lerner investigation, O’Neil would only answer, ‘I’m sure that we can provide that information to you.’

PJTV – Ill-Humored? Obama’s Mean-Spirited Humor Fails to Inspire:

President Obama delivered a speech at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. Rather than engage in self-deprecating humor like other presidents, Obama lashed out at his enemies, subjecting them to ridicule. Is this just a new trend in comedy, or was Obama deflecting attention from his crumbling agenda and troubled presidency? Find out on part one of this three part Trifecta examining President Obama’s sense of humor.

PJTV – Obama Laughs at Everyone Except Himself:

Trifecta continues its examination of President Obama’s sense of humor. In part two, Trifecta looks at Obama’s inability to laugh at himself, and his tendency to use humor to belittle others.

PJTV – Time to Go:

Whatever happened to a loyal opposition? Boehner and McConnell just seem to be loyal, without the fervency and drive to oppose Obama’s recklessness. Bill Whittle is tired of seeing our country’s oldest tenets left hanging from a thread with no major leadership there to save them. It’s time for a new group of young leaders to takeover.

Ben Howe, The Right Scoop: Digitas Weekly Rundown: Benghazi vs. Koch:

Washington Free Beacon: Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter:

Brett Baier played this video for the all-star panel to close out Special Report, Friday night. They were too mortified to laugh.

Washington Free Beacon: MSNBC’s Cinco de Mayo Fail:

MSNBC’s ‘Way Too Early’ Apologizes For Cinco De Mayo Segment:


Jim Gaffigan: OBSESSED – Seafood:


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