Political Insiders: Benghazi Probe Fraught With Peril

The Select Committee to investigate Benghazi is “fraught with political peril”, Fox News’ Political Insiders, Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and a very hoarse John LeBoutillier made clear on Sunday evenings show with host Harris Faulkner.

If the committee ends up looking political it will be a victory for Democrats. That’s why Democrats are trying so hard to paint it as such, and the stupid party isn’t helping by already trying to fund-raise off of it.

As of Sunday evening, there was no word from the RNC, that the fund-raising was going to stop, Pat Caddell lamented. Inexcusable.

While it’s of course true that Democrats can fund-raise off of anything they want and not get called out on it by the MSM – Republicans are held to a higher standard, and they should be aware of the bad optics, here. No one ever said politics in America is fair.

    Trey Gowdy has made clear interview after interview that he wants a fair investigation.

    Pat Caddell said, “what is disturbing most of all – I say this as a Democrat – is why no one in my party has felt as some Republicans at least did during Watergate – that we deserve to know the truth of what happened. I have heard more outrageous spin and lies about how there’s nothing to know, or whatever for the purpose of politics —when it involves American Security, a dead Ambassador and dead Americans. It is outrageous about our political system.”

    Video via Johnny Dollar:


    The Conversation:Eleanor Clift: Ambassador Stevens wasn’t murdered, he died from smoke inhalation

    2 thoughts on “Political Insiders: Benghazi Probe Fraught With Peril

    1. Yeah, I agree, the stakes are too high and far outweigh any dollar amount fund raising could pull in. So, the stupid party should stop the fund raising. However, I also don’t think we’ll be talking about this, either way, if Trey Gowdy runs a smooth, fact based, committee and uncovers the truth. The 5 Democrat committee members will be the largest obstacle to keeping it fact based. Gowdy should therefore restrict televised questioning to a single “prosecutor” who he appoints and should have a strict rule of silence for all committee members on both sides.


    2. I don’t think there is any chance that the dims will boycott this Committee, they can’t afford too. What they are trying to do {and are usually successful at } is messaging. This is the one area the republicans always get their brains beat in on. I say the dims are running scared, especially with Trey Gowdy running it. They are trying to delegitimize the process and the Committee. Can anyone imagine the dims running something like this and the republicans demanding equal representation on it, and Piglosi going along with it? Would never happen.

      Friday night when the vote was taken on the House Floor, seven demoCraps broke ranks and voted for the Select Committee with the republicans. I think the republicans would be much better off without any dims. The dims cannot afford to have the “inside” knowledge of what the republicans are going to investigate, uncover, call before the committee, subpoena, witnesses to be called. It would be a total suicidal act on their part.

      The cracks are getting more and more visible and are spreading. The deck chairs are being rearranged, the band is warming up. . . . .the rats will be jumping ship any time now. The dims might be repulsive but, they aren’t stupid. When the gavel drops for the first time, their smug faces with all the contempt they can gather will be before all the cameras. Count on it.


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