Gowdy: I Don’t Believe Michael Morrell’s Claim That He Felt No Political Pressure (Video)

Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is slated to Chair the  Select Committee on Benghazi, was on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper to talk about the investigation.

Tapper played video of the former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morrell, testifying before the House Intelligence Committee that the CIA initially believed that the video might have been a factor in the attack. Morrell, who now works for Beacon Global Strategies, a left-wing foreign policy think tank that is backing Hillary Clinton for president,  personally edited the talking points to help the WH and State to come up with the final version that was released.

Tapper wanted to hear Gowdy’s  reaction  to Morrell’s testimony.

Trey Gowdy cited the 9/12 State Dept email that said according to the Libyan ambassador, it was Ansar al Sharia, and pointed to Morrell’s testimony saying he was shocked that Susan Rice had talked about a video because none of their intelligence mentioned a video.

He went on to say that Morrell would tell us himself that that there was no evidence linking the attack to the video.

Asked if he was doubting Morrell’s assertion that “he felt no political pressure”, Gowdy, after a long pause, answered – “In a word, yes. I’m saying I don’t believe him.”


Watch Hillary Backers Completely Fail ‘Name an Accomplishment Challenge’ 

*The voting age should be risen to age 30. College kids should not be allowed to vote until they’ve had time to deprogram all the idiotic left-wing propaganda their professors have spoon-fed them.

This is just embarrassing. Especially the guy who’s doing his thesis on Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as Sec. of State and says Benghazi is her greatest accomplishment. WTF?

But they’re all ridiculous drones spouting what they think sounds politically correct. Just embarrassing and mortifying. God help us.

Via PJ Media:

*It’s called hy-per-bole.


4 thoughts on “Gowdy: I Don’t Believe Michael Morrell’s Claim That He Felt No Political Pressure (Video)

  1. I hope Gowdy doesn’t fall for the dopey lib trap of them dangling a carrot out in front of him trying to draw out all sorts of information from him. He needs to start holding his cards close to the vest and not be drawn into their trap, where they can start drawing conclusions of him being bias. The republicans need to provide “spokesman” that can argue their side from other than the committee, to prevent any of the libs from claiming a “predetermined outcome.” Until at least such time that the dim committee members start disparaging the committee’s work.

    It wouldn’t be the first trap the dims and the msm set a trap for them, that the republicans went after hook, line and sinker.


  2. I agree. I love Gowdy because he’s such an honest, straight shooter. But that’s exactly why he should refrain from any more of these interviews. Jake Tapper’s a good interviewer and his question re Morrell required a hedging, political answer Gowdy wasn’t capable of giving.


  3. WTF are they teaching these kids at such a supposedly prestigious university that anyone would think Hillary’s greatest achievement was Benghazi????

    The stupid hurts me.


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