Ted Cruz Grills FBI Director on IRS Investigation – Tangles With Leaky Leahy (Video)

FBI Director James Comey had no answers Wednesday to Senator Ted Cruz ‘s questions regarding the Obama Administration’s failure to fully investigate the IRS targeting scandal.

During a Senate Judiciary meeting, this morning, Sen. Cruz asked the following questions:


  • To date how many victims, or alleged victims, of improper targeting have been interviewed by the FBI? More or less than 10 victims?
  • Can you tell this committee, to date, how many White House employees the FBI has interviewed for this investigation?


  • The Attorney General appointed to lead this investigation a major Obama donor who has given President Obama and Democrats over $6,000. Do you see any actual or apparent conflict of interest in that?


  • Do you think it would have been appropriate to trust John Mitchell to investigate Richard Nixon?


  • Four days after Attorney General Eric Holder told the committee that this was a vigorous investigation, the President of United States went on national television and told the American people, categorically, there was not a smidgen of corruption… [these statements] are facially inconsistent.. which of those statements was true and which was false?


None of these questions were fully answered, which Democratic Judiciary Chairman Sen. Pat Leahy said was “appropriate.”

“That’s not fair… he answered very appropriately”, Leahy protested after Cruz expressed his disgust at the stonewall. “In the same way that – appropriately – similar answers were given during Republican administrations, and we accepted them.” (Oh, Suuuuurrrrre they did!)

Cruz shot back: “Mr. Chairman, you’re welcome to accept them, and I would note… “this IRS targeting correspondence (that) has come out, came in significant regard at the written behest of  Democrat members of this body. So I understand that there is not an interest among some members of this body in learning what happened.”


Leahy stammered,  “Uh…again….you’re not responding to what I said at all. I’m just saying that what Mr. Comey has said was an appropriate answer….based on….the reason he did it.” (Good answer!) “It has nothing to do with how they feel. I don’t like the targeting of anybody, but what Mr. Comey said was a correct and appropriate answer.”

Cruz was having none of it. “I would note for the record that when I introduced an amendment before this committee to make it a criminal offense to target Americans based on their political views, the Chairman and every Democratic member of this committee voted against it,” he said sadly.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

10 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Grills FBI Director on IRS Investigation – Tangles With Leaky Leahy (Video)

  1. Delicious, methodical questioning by Cruz even with Leaky running interference for Comey. {Comey} for the record my response is “no response”. There is always hope that after November things could really turn ugly for the regime, as Leaky takes a back seat.


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  4. Wow-Cruz is fabulous-too bad the REgressives only care about power and think little more of our Constitution then toilet paper-the worm will turn.


  5. I am 74 years of age and this is the most corrupt, tyrannical administration in my life. A monumental conspiracy involving the W.H., D.O.J.,I.R.S., the State Dept.. and CIA. Puts Nixon and the Clintons in the minor leagues. WHAT A COUNTRY!


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