Senator Vitter Slams Hollywood Environmentalist-Wackos: “This Time, The Joke Is On Them”


Sounds good to us, Mohammed!

A couple days after James O’Keefe’s blockbuster video on Hollywood enviro-corruption and hypocrisy, U.S. Senator David Vitter (R – LA), the top Republican on the Senate oversight committee on Environment, issued a press release about our video and the cover up using NGOs, nonprofits to influence election.. released a blistering statement attacking the Hollywood environmentalist-wackos in Project Veritas’ undercover investigation:

“We know there’s clear collusion between the Obama Administration, the EPA and far-left environmentalists, including the Hollywood elite, to pursue an anti-domestic energy production agenda. Thankfully, this time the joke is on them because their agenda has not been a joke for America’s middle class workforce and our economy.”

OKeefe gets results. Vitter’s statement demonstrates that the U.S. Senate is taking this cover up seriously – and thinks there might be some collusion involved with the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, these phony crackpots are threatening legal action against O’Keefe and he needs help with legal fees.

What I can tell you is that Hollywood is furious and they want this video banned. Mariel Hemingway, one of the targets of our investigation, had her lawyer threaten me. I need your immediate help!

O’Keefe says, “rest assured, our undercover investigation was fully legal, but that hasn’t stopped these celebrities from threatening Project Veritas and me.”


Project Veritas Exposes Hollywood Hypocrisy: Lefty Actors Accept Dirty Mideast Oil Money For Anti-Fracking Film

The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results


Alea iacta est…the Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and we have the results  for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“What did the President know and when did he know it?” – Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker (R-TN), 1974

“Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi — why aren’t we talking about something else?” – Rep. Nancy Pelosi, May 1, 2014

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. -Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov


Benghazi refuses to go away, it rots and festers like an open wound. Speaker of the House John Boener was finally forced to name a select committee to investigate it fully, and the Obama Regime’s defenders lost no time in surfacing to spin the unspinnable and defend the indefensible. This week’s winning entry, The Left’s Forked Tongue Brigade Continues To Circle The Wagons On Benghazi over at Joshuapundit is my reaction. Here’s a slice:

The Professional Left continues to try and disparage the Benghazi select committee investigations with all its might, and the Obama media are certainly doing their best to help by ignoring the actual facts as much as possible.The Forked Tongue Brigade is out in all their putrid glory.

Two old Leftist camp followers conveniently provide us with an overview of the sort of talking points being used to attack the committee in advance, so that its findings can be ‘discredited’ before they surface. Lets look at them, shall we?

Eleanor Clift is simply an old line, loudmouth Marxist whom the Daily Beast inherited from News-weak.She hasn’ has an original thought in years, but pretty much parrots the usual talking points going around. However, when she does improvise, it’s a real doozy. On PBS’ The McLaughlin Group the other day, she actually managed to come up with one – That Ambassador Chris Stevens wasn’t murdered in Benghazi..he, umm, died of smoke inhalation:


The fact that Chris Stevens may very well have been clinging to life when he was raped and beaten (we have no way of really knowing) and the violent way the other three Benghazi victims died doesn’t seem to make an impact on Eleanor Clift. Using her logic, I suppose if someone sneaked into her penthouse digs, tied her up and put duct tape over the nose and mouth on her heavily botoxed face, we could say she wasn’t murdered was, you know, respiratory failure.

After discussing her faux pas with the usual suspects and getting a fresh briefing on the proper talking points, Ms. Clift decided to double down today in the Daily Beast (I refuse to link to this garbage but I’m sure you can easily find it).

Now her story is that she was taken out of context (she wasn’t) that it was the CIA’s fault, and that it was Chris Steven’ fault because he ‘took risks he shouldn’t have’.

Next, she puts out some cock and bull tale she’s sourced to an unnamed ‘ambassador’ about the reason for the attack being an attempt to free prisoners being held at the CIA annex. Of course, that fable doesn’t account for why the consulate was attacked, rather than just the annex. And even if that was remotely true, what about all the lies on ‘it was the video’? And why the subsequent cover up?

After that it’s time to play ‘look at Reagan’. She cites an article written by a fellow Leftist shill that calls what happened in Beirut in the 1980′s ‘Reagan’s Benghazi’. She relates how the Democrat majority House investigated and found ‘very serious errors in judgment’ and recommended additional security measures, but ‘did not see it as an opportunity to score political points’.

Actually, there’s a pretty good reason for that. The ‘serious errors in judgment’ had nothing to do with the president or anyone else in DC, but the judgment of the house committee that the commanders on the ground at a time before this kind of tactic was common should have somehow foreseen that some Hezbollah jihadi would drive a truck though the barriers and set off a suicide truck bomb.

And the reason the Democrats failed to ‘score political points’? Well, that’s another difference between Benghazi and Beirut, Ronaldus Maximus and Barack Obama. The Left didn’t score political points because they couldn’t. From Day One, President Reagan was completely cooperative with the investigation. He allowed Congress complete access to all information, and instead of lying and stonewalling, the Reagan Administration was an active partner in wanting to get to the bottom of what happened.

There were no lies for partisan political purposes, no documents hastily reclassified in an effort to hide them, no witnesses or survivors hidden away. And could anyone even remotely imagine President Reagan leaving our people to fight to the death for nine hours and doing nothing to save them because he was busy resting up for a fundraiser?

A different kind of president and a different kind of man entirely. Someone the Forked Tongue Brigade could never understand.

I’m taking the time to deconstruct this because trust me, you’re going to hear this kind of horse manure again and again.

As a matter of fact, none other than the junior Senator from California, Barbara Boxer, came out with her version of White House talking points today on the always amusing Huffington Post.

Good old Senator Babs is no quiz kid as anyone familiar with her record knows, but she has at least a few IQ points on Eleanor Clift, and of course, much better staffers.

The senator starts out using the standard Democrat slogan for the select committee, calling it ‘a political witch hunt’. She calls it that because ‘the committee ‘rejected House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s offer to have a fair panel with equal representation from Republicans and Democrats’ and because a few Republicans are ‘fundraising off this tragedy’.

I’ve already dealt with that previously, but it obviously bears repeating. The ‘even split’ San Fran Nan wanted is something she would have rejected outright when she was Speaker after she stopped cackling. Actually, no select committee in history has ever been set up in that manner. And does anyone recall how Democrats instantly sent out fundraisers after Sandy Hook, Katrina, Columbine,the Gabby Giffords shooting and every other tragedy you can imagine? Pot, meet kettle.

Much, much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Iowahawk with an absolutely hilarious piece, Iowahawk –In New York, Scrappy Local Newspaper Struggles For Survival submitted by Joshuapundit. You are hereby warned not to drink coffee or other liquids near the keyoard while you read it.

Here are this week’s full results. Only TheIndependent Sentinel was unable to vote this week, but was not subject to the usual by the 2/3 vote penalty:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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Watch Megyn Kelly’s Timeline On How The Obama Grossly Mismanaged The VA

Veterans-FeatureImage via Wall Street Daily

On the Kelly File, Thursday night , an on-fire Megyn Kelly reported on the chain of events that evidence the cover- ups, and shocking mismanagement behind the VA Scandal.

“This isn’t about another Inspector General report, ” she began.  “We’ve already had three – as it turns out – three! – all ignored. It isn’t about another audit – we’ve had one of those, too. It isn’t about proving the existence of these problems. They have all been well documented – for years.

There’s precious new in the scandal that the president is so baffled by, this month. What we haven’t had is accountability, and follow through.”

She went through the timeline, starting right after Obama’s election in 2008 when he was warned not to trust the wait times. In 2010, William Schoenhard,  the Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Operations and Management at the VA sent a memo to all the regional Directors calling for immediate action regarding scheduling practices – and expressing concern about the gaming of the system.

In 2012, the Senate held a hearing on the ridiculously long waits for care, and a bill was passed addressing the problem of employees gaming the wait lists. Obama signed the bill into law – and nothing was done. Seven months later there was another report showing that the wait times were still unreliable. In January of 2013, Chairman of  the House  Committee on Veteran Affairs Jeff Miller wrote to Sec. Shinseki asking to be briefed on the progress being made on the scheduling issues. In May Miller followed up by writing to the president himself, alerting to “the alarming pattern of serious and significant patient care issues.” Miller wrote that the problem demanded the resident’s immediate attention. He never heard back.

Chairman Miller told Kelly that the agency was suffering from “a systemic problem that is a life and death issue” and can’t be solved simply by removing the cabinet secretary in charge.

“This has been going on for years, and of course, the Obama administration wants to say this goes all the way back to the Bush administration, and that may be true,” Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., told Megyn Kelly. “But (Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki) has been in office now for well over five years and has had an opportunity to make a difference and he hasn’t done it, and the agency has continued to grow.”

Miller said he believes President Obama should have taken a more proactive stance when news of the scandal first broke last month with the disclosure that key data allegedly was concealed at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs center while dozens of veterans died waiting for care. Since then, allegations of neglect and misconduct have been made at VA facilities across the country.

“This is a systemic problem that is a life and death issue, and the president should have come out and immediately said, ‘I will allow any veteran who is on a waiting list to receive the medical care that they have earned to go outside of the VA network and get it on the private market,'” Miller said.

Miller said the system provides quality health care – once you get inside the system. But added, “they have set unrealistic goals, goals that people have unfortunately found to game around the system, and we’re finding some of the most ingenious ways you could have ever imagined, where staff has found ways to hit that 14-day goal so that they can look good, not only up to division, but to the regional office and the central office in Washington as well.”

Was the 14 day wait time goal an Obama mandate?

I’m wondering because I find this curious – Circa 2009, 2010, 2011 – Obama’s juiceboxers and toadies were playing up the VA’s lower waiting times as proof-positive that ObamaCare (sorry – Freudian slip) socialized medicine works.

Via Ace, Krugman, Kristof, and Klein All Praised the “Success” of the VA’s Socialized Medicine Model. PolitiFact rates their hackery: Glittery with Truth.

And the Regime is in their usual cover-up mode – which means – no one can be held accountable.

Asked why he hasn’t joined those calling for Shinseki to resign, Miller answered, “look, getting rid of Secretary Shinseki is not going to solve the problem,” Miller said. “There is a serious systemic problem within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Taking the head of the agency and removing him may be a one-day story, but you still are going to have veterans out there not receiving the health care that they have earned.”