Saturday Movie Matinee: Evil or Stupid?

“PJTV Afterburner – Showtime: Evil or Stupid?:

So many scandals in Obama’s years as President. So was he evil or was he just stupid? He portrays himself as ignorant or stupid for each of these. He finds the news from the media, not from his administration. But which is worse? What ever happened to the ‘Buck Stops Here’ motto? Find out more in this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.

Bill Whittle delivers a masterful mix of intellect and passion in every episode of “Afterburner.”

Mediaite: Krauthammer to Megyn Kelly – I Would Have Done Bergdahl Deal But It’s a Defeat for U.S. 

 Columnist Charles Krauthammer made something very clear to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Friday night: 1) if he was President of the United States, he would have proceeded with the deal President Obama made to get Bowe Bergdahl back, and 2) the deal President Obama made was unquestionably a “defeat” for the United States. He argued that the way Obama’s been acting about the deal is very unbecoming of the president. Krauthammer said for Susan Rice, firstly, to praise Bergdahl is “so ridiculous” given everything publicly known about him. He said that with the deal struck with the Taliban, there is no “real prevention” of the activities of the five released commanders.

PJTV Trifecta – Bowe Bergdahl: Deserter First Class? Part One:

President Obama traded five Taliban terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Was Bergdahl a prisoner of war, and hero, or a deserter disillusioned by America? Find out as Trifecta takes a three part look at the case of Bowe Bergdahl and his service in Afghanistan.

PJTV – Bowe Bergdahl: America’s New Policy of Trading and Negotiating with Terrorists, Part 2:

President Obama traded five Gitmo Taliban terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Was this a fair trade? Should America have negotiated with terrorists, even if it was through a surrogate? Find out in part two of Trifecta’s discussion of the release of Bowe Bergdahl.

WFB: Chuck Todd: ‘We Still Haven’t Heard a Clear Explanation’ from White House on New Justification for Bergdahl Trade:

SEE ALSO: WFB: Official: Bergdahl Details Don’t Add Up: Don’t rule out cash payment for Bergdahl, intel official says

The Obama administration reportedly considered offering cash for his release as late as December 2013. The State Department has repeatedly refused to say whether the deal that released Bergdahl involved any cash payment.

The ransom plan was reportedly abandoned, but the intelligence official insisted that there is reason to believe that cash changed hands as part of the deal.

“The Haqqanis could give a rat’s ass about prisoners,” the official said, referring to the Haqqani Network, a designated terrorist group in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were freed in exchange for Bergdahl’s release.

“The people that are holding Bergdahl want[ed] cash and someone paid it to them,” he said.

USA Today (!): White House plots VA-scandal distractions: 

An air of hubris — a sort of we-know-it-all quality — has permeated the Obama White House from the beginning. It worked as a public relations strategy for the better part of five years. But it seems to be breaking down now.

The sophisticated swagger and savoir faireprojected by the President and his strategists — audacity with cool, if you will — captivated a major segment of the 2008 voting public, many of whom were tired of George W. Bush and believed Barack Obama could bring real change to Washington.

This somewhat-arrogant-and-sometimes-intimidating PR approach to governing had success. It helped him pass a $787 billion economic stimulus bill and browbeat fellow Democrats to enact a highly partisan health care plan that Republicans wanted no part of. It got him through a bruising re-election campaign despite a less-than-stellar record on the economy and still-lingering questions about his handling of the terroristattack in Benghazi, Libya.

But over the past 12 months, the vaunted Obama PR limousine, used to smoothing out bumps with ease, has been blowing tires as it tries to roll over a minefield of crises and scandals.

Diane Dimond, RCP: The President’s Very Real Military Problem:

The president of the United States is the commander in chief over all branches of the military. It is a historic time, given that no military member goes public to speak negatively about the ultimate commander.

But now, with the scandal in full bloom, after the administration’s smokescreen about what triggered the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and after the president’s tepidly received speech at West Point announcing diplomacy will replace military responses henceforth, the time for silence is over.

President Obama & War – D-Day – O’Reilly Talking Points:

Wherein O’Reilly flames the NYT’s for Bergdahl-sympathetic oped.

Interesting insight from Ralph Peters who (according to O’Reilly) thinks the oped was written in coordination with the White House to prepare the masses for a “mentally incompetent to stand trial” outcome for Bergdahl. That’s somewhat better than my worst fear, which involve a coordinated effort to smear the entire (swiftboating) platoon as psychopaths.

Audio of Hugh Hewitt interview with Ralph Peters, Thursday,   here. 

Newsbusters: NBC’s Fallon Pokes Fun at Obama Dumbbell Workout:

“I know it’s just the president working out, but it’s weird, right?”

 Jimmy Kimmel Live: Putincize: 

Obama vs Ivan Drago from Rocky MASHUP :

WFB: The Worst of Jay Carney: 

John Batchelor Show: Heroes, Villains, Bureaucrats:

ReaganFoundation: Normandy Speech: Ceremony Commemorating the 40th Anniversary:

President Reagan’s Address at the Ceremony Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, D-day at Point-du-Hoc – 6/6/84.

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