Ralph Peters Slams WH: “Phenomenal How Idiotic That Rose Garden Ceremony Was” (Video)

Megyn Kelly had Lt Col. Ralph Peters on the Kelly File once again Monday night,  to talk about the latest to come out about the Bergdahl swap. Peters has been extremely vocal in his denunciations of the Obama Regime – especially in light of this latest fiasco. Tonight, he didn’t hold back.

She asked him who should be blamed for the massive backlash.

“Obama,” Peter’s answered without hesitation. “The boss is the guy who is to blame. Now obviously, his public relations team is wildly incompetent. It’s phenomenal how idiotic that Rose Garden ceremony was.” 

He continued, “Right now, the left is on this campaign to pull out all the stops and make it about humanitarian issues. For the people on the left – let’s say this. The people in the military – they’re not angry that Bowe Bergdahl was freed. They’re angry at the price that was paid. They’re angry because the administration tried to portray a deserter as a war hero. They’re angry because of the pandering to the Bergdahl family – giving them access and privileges that the families of our dead and wounded warriors never got. They’re angry about being blindsided by this trade because the intelligence community, the Pentagon, the relevant committees in congress all agreed that these five terrorist chieftains were the last (inaudible) to ever be freed.”

When Kelly mentioned media reports that Bergdahl may have been tortured during his captivity, Peters really cut loose. 

“If Bowe Bergdahl had not deserted, he would not have been tortured,” he seethed. “And all the bleeding hearts on the left need to knock it off and go to the burn ward at Fort Sam Houston hospital in San Antonio!”

“Bowe Bergdahl…is going to get back to his family eventually fine, in good physical health. Those brave soldiers and Marines and Navy Corpsmen and Airmen in the hospital down in San Antonio, they’re never going to be completely right. They are in gruesome pain. Many of them are not coming home.

And what about the dead soldiers? And yes, they were lost looking for Bergdahl despite Sec. Hagel’s nonsensical and duplicitous parsing of words. I mean, my god. Look, Bergdahl is back. He’s alive. Fine. But let’s stop making this guy into a victim, a hero.

…And let me send a message to all those on the left: Our soldiers don’t want your pity, they want your respect and they have earned it!”


4 thoughts on “Ralph Peters Slams WH: “Phenomenal How Idiotic That Rose Garden Ceremony Was” (Video)

  1. Then add:

    Susan Rice’s Sunday show debacle 2.0. Which was only outdone by her idiotic statement at the D-Day ceremonies.

    Suzy could be the second gift that keeps on giving. . . .a updated version of “Plugs Biden” only with a Phd.


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