Eric Cantor Defeated In Stunning Upset (Video)

I don’t know about you – but I was not expecting this. I thought it would be close – especially with the manufactured humanitarian crisis currently happening on the Southern border. But I did not expect the Majority Leader to lose big to a virtual unknown.

Brat, a college economic professor, and political novice defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a landslide.

On Fox News, Chris Stirewalt noted that Brat will be a strong candidate in the general election with no baggage to speak of, and because the 7th District is a Republican-leaning district, he will likely win in November.

Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham were on The Kelly File to talk about the stunning election result.

Brat was on Hannity, tonight, to talk about his big win which he called an “unbelievable miracle.”

“I think the people are just ready for some major changes,” Brat said.

Brat said that while he’s received a ton of tea party support, he didn’t run as a tea partier. He supports Republican principles, and made it clear “the only problem with Republican principles is no one’s following them.”

A Brief Primer on Dave Brat, the Man Who Just Defeated Eric Cantor:


ND tipster Brian B. is doing the happy dance, tonight – (vicariously through Darth Vader and his storm trooping Pips.)

Can’t Touch This!



5 thoughts on “Eric Cantor Defeated In Stunning Upset (Video)

  1. Stunning results. I just drove through Virginia and was amazed at the ads that were running against Cantor.

    I think the current crisis added to Cantor’s demise. He was caught red handed talking out of both sides of his mouth and it cost him. Thank you VA-7.

    Too bad the “tactic” that most were hoping for in South Carolina didn’t work out, like I knew it wouldn’t ( get Graham in a run off). Six challengers who only started running ads the last 2-3 weeks.


  2. You are welcome Geo. There has been a lot of dissatisfaction with Cantor and it has been growing. He has had primary challengers the past couple of elections, and this is the first time one has been able to break through. It is not a “leaning” district as Deb indicates as the last election he won with over 2/3rds of the vote (and I did not vote for him).

    He started out as a conservative way back when. But in 2009 he changed. Was it due to the Obama election? Or just the corruption of individuals in DC? I do not know. All I know is that during the wall Street crises, when the “non-special” banks who were given the shaft instead of the parachute had to shut down operations, they were paying retention bonuses to their high ranking managers to shut down operations. Cantor voted to tax them at over 100% for that. I do not care if you like Bear Stearns or hated them, but that is simply pure socialism. I have not voted for him since (and yet he easily won in 10, and 12).

    His “changing” stand on immigration, Obamacare, and other issues that are critical to conservatives just added fuel to the fire. He became the “lesser of 2 evils” and not the first choice of many. So the stage was set.

    Then he self destructed. When Dave Brat first started his campaign, I knew almost nothing about him. I found out due to the attack ads from Cantor. They just did not sound right. He attacked Brat as being a liberal for sitting on a council of a democrat governor. Big whoop! Governors (unlike DC) are famous for appointing people to councils (that have no power) from both sides so they can appear “bi-partisan” to their constituents. That was purely a specious claim. Then he called an ad by Brat (which was admittedly very potent) an outright lie, when the facts say differently.

    Now the later did not have any impact on me. I was already set to vote for Brat. But a morning talking radio head made an observation that brought it all together. First you have the dissatisfied conservatives like me. Then you had the pissed off conservatives like the Radio Jockey. He got mad at the Cantor attack ads. They made him WANT to vote, and while he did not indicate who he voted for, the implication was it was not Cantor.

    And of course the final straw was the turn out. It was very light. Cantor did not get his people out. I was first in line at my polling place, and I got there 5 minutes after it opened. By the time I left (the ladies had a problem with the computers so it took me 10 minutes to vote), only 2 more Gentlemen had shown up. I was perhaps the youngest of the 3 of us (at 58). But that showed me 2 things. One, the democrats were not voting (my polling place is about 50/50 which makes it one of the most liberal in the 7th), but the committed conservatives were.

    And Cantor lost. he lost because, like virtually all the politicians who spend any length of time in DC, he took his voters for granted and assumed the seat was his for all time. He lost because of arrogance and dishonesty. He lost my vote for his failure to stand on his principals (for the record, I have never worked for any financial institution, nor have any interests in any of them) and his dishonesty.

    The republican establishment is taking conservatives for granted. Why not? I would not vote for a democrat (given their deplorable behavior with Obamacare) if they were the only person running and it was my own mother (she would never be one – however my father’s family is a different matter). And the antics of Boehner AND Cantor have pissed a lot of them off. We do not want democrat lites. We want a REAL choice. And we made our real choice known yesterday.

    Republicans can continue to take conservatives for granted. As an independent (the primary is open), I have no say in what they decide to do as a party. But they do so at their own risk.

    Perhaps the final straw for Cantor was Bergdahl. This is a clear cut (there is no reason to wonder about the word “is”) of an illegal action by Obama. And yet the republican response has been a whimper. Feinstein has made more noise than the republicans on this crime! And that is a travesty. I do not expect Obama to be impeached. But I do expect at least the opposition to stand up and against the illegal acts of the most criminal president in history. And they are failing.

    The Tea Party will not take over the Republican party any time soon. But we can make it very uncomfortable for the republican establishment. And yesterday we did.

    To Eric Cantor I say this. When you first won the seat, I was filled with hope for a great representative. But in the 14 years or so (I have only been in his district for 14 years so unsure how long he has been around – 18 I think) you have stopped being a conservative and become a Washington Pol. And that is why you lost. You WERE great. You have not been for several years.


  3. I agree Deb on the MS and KS races. If I were them I’d start planning my new career or retirement.

    I also think that some of the current crisis situations helped “Goober” in S.C.. South Carolina has the largest “retired Military” population in the country.

    The VA and the prisoner swap issues helped Goober in S.C. besides his no name, hide n seek opponents who ran against him. It gave him a opportunity to get out and oppose those current issues and divert any attention to his record. . .like “immigration”.


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