ISIS seizes Mosul and More Towns in Northern and Central Iraq (Video)

It was one of our worst fears when he was elected. That after a long, hard- fought war in Iraq, the SCOAMF would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And it is indeed what is happening. Six months after “al Qaeda in Iraq” (now called ISIS) retook Fallujah, it has now retaken Mosul and is now making its way Southward to seize control of other territories.

Keith Koffler is beside himself.

It is truly hard to fathom the profound nature of the catastrophe that is the Obama presidency. On every front, domestic and foreign, our nation is taking an axe to the gut. Recovery from all this will be a Herculean feat. The disaster we face as a result of this man’s unfitness for the job – and mistaken policies – can hardly be overstated.

Iraq is now in a state of civil war. Insurgents have just seized control of Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul. Not just any insurgents. Al Qaeda-backed extremists. Between Syria, Iraq, Libya, other portions of Africa, and soon, once again, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and other islamist extremists will have a mind-numbing panoply of locales available in which to train and launch attacks against the United States.

I wish I could say something to the people who lost loved ones fighting to liberate that country –  but there’s really nothing to say. There’s no upside. There is only more horror –  not only to the region, but the entire world, as Obama willfully retreats from it and allows America’s enemies to gain power.

Via the Long War Journal, “a video from a fighter in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) details the chaos in Mosul after the jihadist insurgent group took control of the city earlier today.”

The video, which was released on YouTube by an ISIS fighter who goes by the name of “Ibn al Azd,” is captioned “The camera roams the streets of Mosul and the displaced return after its liberation//Islamic State [ISIS].”

In the short video, an ISIS fighter films from a vehicle as another ISIS fighter drives through the main roads of Mosul. The aftermath of the ISIS’ rout of the Iraqi military is caught on film.

The video shows a number of police and armored military vehicles that are abandoned, burning, or torched. A checkpoint, once manned by policemen, is deserted. Several columns of smoke are seen rising in the background. Sporadic gunfire, presumably of the celebratory type, is also heard in the background.

The cameraman also records several vehicles and columns driven by masked ISIS fighters. Many of the vehicles are flying the ISIS’ black flag of jihad. Additionally, masked fighters are seen roaming the streets.

Also via the Long War Journal, now ISIS is advancing southward and taking control of territory in the provinces of Salahaddin and Kirkuk.

In Kirkuk province, ISIS fighters “overran the Hawijah, Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi areas west of the city of Kirkuk, and Rashad and Yankaja to its south,” Colonel Ahmed Taha told AFP.

“Taha said soldiers and police in Zab abandoned their posts, while Hawijah district council chief Hussein al Juburi said soldiers in the area were apparently ordered to depart, allowing militants to move in and raise their flag over the police station,” AFP continued.

Usamah al Nujayfi, the speaker of Iraq’s Council of Representatives, reported earlier today that ISIS fighters took control of the airport in Sharqat, a city halfway between Kirkuk and Mosul, seized a helicopter, and freed prisoners.


Weasel Zippers: ISIS Beheads 15 Members of Iraq’s Security Forces After Sacking Mosul…


2 thoughts on “ISIS seizes Mosul and More Towns in Northern and Central Iraq (Video)

  1. Well now, that “Cut & Run, Surrender at all Cost, Raise the White Flag, Lead from Behind & Withdraw at all costs Policy” worked out real well, didn’t it? Stay tuned for version 2.0 that’s about to take place in the other Theater that they claimed was the “right” war to fight. The Ole Charlie Brown, Lucy routine.

    Yet another example of why the dimoCraps can never be trusted when it comes to matters that pertains to National Security or National Defense.


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