The Regime Captures Benghazi Terrorist Who Was Hiding In Plain Sight For Two Years


In the days and weeks after the Benghazi terrorist attack, Obama repeatedly vowed that he wouldn’t rest until we tracked down and brought to justice the terrorists who murdered four Americans.

We’ve known who the ringleader was for two years. Why is he only now being held accountable?

Yeah, I question the timing.

Everything this Regime does is community organized from the top. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you never will.

Today, Obama announced the capture of the ringleader of the Benghazi attack – one Ahmed Abu Khattala – who was captured on Sunday in Libya by U.S. forces.

“I recently authorized an operation in Libya to detain an individual charged for his role in these attacks, Ahmed Abu Khatallah,” President Obama said Tuesday in a statement.

“The fact that he is now in U.S. custody is a testament to the painstaking efforts of our military, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel. Because of their courage and professionalism, this individual will now face the full weight of the American justice system.”

I don’t want to minimize the efforts of the American military, here. They just do what they’re told. As for our law enforcement and intelligence efforts? Please.

Everybody (but Dana Milbank, apparently) knows that Khattala was sipping frappes in juice bars with journalists one month after the attacks.

Via The NYTs 10/18/2012:

 But just days after President Obama reasserted his vow to bring  those responsible to justice, Mr. Abu Khattala spent two leisurely hours on Thursday evening at a crowded luxury hotel, sipping a strawberry frappe on a patio and scoffing at the threats coming from the American and Libyan governments.

Why was he scoffing at threats? He told reporters that he had no plans to go into hiding. Why did he know he had nothing to worry about? I’ve always wondered that.

The Washington Examiner’s ASHE SCHOW questions the timing, as well.

How convenient that the capture came just days after it was discovered that the Internal Revenue Service “lost” former official Lois Lerner‘s emails that pertained to the agency’s targeting of conservatives. And the announcement comes right as the furor over the lost emails has exploded.

And how convenient that the capture came amid a plethora of other scandals, including an imploding Iraq and the still-simmering Bowe Bergdahl trade. Oh, and don’t forget the scandal over care at Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities — that hasn’t been fixed yet.

Let’s not forget Obama’s manufactured crisis on the border.

Schowe notes that David Kirkpatrick of the Times reported last December that “plans had been drawn up to capture Khattala, but the administration held back, ‘fearing that unilateral United States military action could set off a backlash that would undermine the fragile Libyan government'”

So Khattala was a known suspect in the Benghazi embassy attack, the U.S. knew where he was all this time, but only now captured him? And then waited two days to announce that capture?

Yeah, whatever. Rush signed off his show today saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if Khattala spins some yarn about a YouTube video.

Speaking of which.

Walid Shoebat has a new exclusive: SHOCKING: Company That Created Obamacare Website LINKED To Benghazi Video.

In a SHOCKING discovery, CGI Federal – the Canadian Company that built the Obamacare website – appears to have a connection to the “Innocence of Muslims” video the Obama administration blamed for the Benghazi attacks.


Keep in mind that has made the case that “Innocence of Muslims” was about agitprop and that the Obama administration was involved – to varying degrees – in the production and covert marketing of the video. In a exclusive, Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress who appeared in the video, told us that the filmmaker – Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – informed her that he is a Muslim, not the Coptic Christian he was portrayed to be.

Putting something up on the internet in the hopes of it going viral can be a futile endeavor, even when it’s an excellent product… or… video. When it’s a third-rate, two-bit video – as “Innocence of Muslims” was, a substantial delivery system would almost definitely be necessary. That’s where NewsPoliticsNow comes in.


American Power: New York Times Claims Abu Khattala Launched #Benghazi Attack in Retaliation for ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Video

The story is from the same reporter who wrote the widely scorned “clear the decks for Hillary” piece back in December.

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7 thoughts on “The Regime Captures Benghazi Terrorist Who Was Hiding In Plain Sight For Two Years

  1. Reblogged this on Somewhere in Texas and commented:
    Must have been very difficult for this administration to allow the forces to go in to Libya and capture this POS. He has granted interviews to media around the world and had been hiding in plain sight. It takes almost two years for this President to finally act on his words from the weeks after the attack on Benghazi.

    He must have been pushed into action by the low numbers of his favorability and the democrats running for office across America. Too little too late Mr. President(That was very difficult to type). You and your office let terrorists go just last week that will be carrying out this type of attacks in the future.


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  4. Gosh, I’m absolutely amazed this creep/killer was taken into custody, AT THE REQUEST OF ZERO, no less. Most times when a thug in a gang gives up someone in his own gang, he has to go into hiding…just sayin’.


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