Issa: We Believe These (IRS) Emails Can Be Found (Video)

Appearing on Fox and Friends, this morning, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) expressed hope that the missing IRS emails would be found after channeling  Ricky Ricardo from “I Love Lucy” to explain his reaction to the lost emails.

“You know, I think back to the old black-and-white series with Lucille Ball when Ricky Ricardo would say, ‘Lucy, you got some ’splaining to do.’ The IRS has some ’splaining to do,” the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform committee said.

The revelation that the IRS had lost  two years of emails  (coincidentally! ) within the precise time frame Republicans were seeking – came during last week’s Friday afternoon document dump.

Issa subpoenaed IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to testify before the committee, Monday.

And yesterday, Republicans revealed that the IRS had also lost the emails of  about six more employees.

In a press release Camp reveals that the emails of 6 other individuals have also gone missing. Only one of the six is mentioned by name.  Nikole Flax was the Chief of Staff to Deputy Commissioner Steve Miller. Miller was later promoted to acting Commissioner and then resigned last May amid fallout from the scandal.

Flax, it turns out, was a frequent White House visitor between July 2010 and May of 2013  which (coincidentally!) is when the IRS scandal broke.

Issa expressed his hope that the emails would be  found – “unless the IRS and Lois Lerner have made sure they can’t be found.” But added, “we expect that forensics will get them.”

He told Fox and Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck,“the commissioner knew or should have known that this had already occurred, they they were getting us data through other sources and failed to tell us month after month. It’s contemptible and he’s going to have some answering to do, but so are people up and down the IRS.”

“The emails we have, Elizabeth, show that, in fact, these people were trying to overturn a Supreme Court decision and target conservative groups because they don’t like what conservatives say; that’s at the heart of this,” Issa said. “If Lois Lerner is the kingpin, so be it. But if we can’t see the connection in her emails fully, we won’t know all the people that worked with her to target unfairly Americans for what they believe, what they say and what they want to associate with.”


David French, NRO: No Wonder the IRS Is ‘Losing’ E-mails: It Was Trying to Throw Innocent Conservatives in Jail:

The scale of the wrongdoing is staggering. Targeting Americans for criminal investigation without evidence, attempting to enlist multiple federal agencies in the effort, selective audits, selective disclosures of confidential documents, selective questioning and delays of nonprofit applicants — all in the service of suppressing dissent. At the ACLJ, I’m one of the attorneys in our litigation — on behalf of 41 conservative groups in 22 states — against the IRS and key IRS officials.

As of today, we’re putting the DOJ, FEC, and even key Democratic senators on notice: They’re bound by law to preserve any communications with IRS officials that would be discoverable in our lawsuit.

The administration’s misconduct and its cover-up are so brazen, so contemptuous of common sense and the truth, that they will — once and for all — put the media and the Left to the test: When it comes to this administration, does the rule of law matter at all? Does the truth matter at all? Or is it all about ideology now?

Do you have to ask?





4 thoughts on “Issa: We Believe These (IRS) Emails Can Be Found (Video)

  1. Ya know, for once I think I totally agree with Issa on this one. The “I Love Lucy” analogy just may be perfect, of course that would make Darrell the Ricky Retardo in this scenario. Ricky {the real one} is always the last one to know or find out about any of Lucy’s antics. . . . . . .enter Issa and the dimoCraps.

    Yet another fine example where the “regime” has made the Committee Chairmen and the Republicans look like a bunch of chumps. None of them can think outside the box. Issa appears on Fox yesterday looking like the cat who just caught the mouse and declares that he intends to subpoena the “hard drive, jump drives” . . . . . .{start the dimoCrap count down clock to make him look like a idiot}. Several hours later Drudge declares the “Hard Drives have been Destroyed”.

    At the very least this is “Obstruction of Justice 101” right out of Thug University {Chicago}, a.k.a., a community agitator, socialist, marxist F___ you! If you don’t like it do something about it.

    The day Lerner {Lucy} first appeared she made a exculpatory statement before the entire committee, was cut loose, evidently never questioned or solicited about what she knew of the scandal, allowed to re-appear before the committee after latching onto her cushy retirement, then allowed to then “claim” her 5th Amendment Right {correctly this time}. Instead of stating that she was “still under oath from her last appearance” and continue the questioning from there {where she waived it}. When someone is “recalled” to testify, they are always reminded that “they are still under oath”, never given the oath again.

    The best defense and allies this administration has is the Republican Party. They are the most inept, incompetent people I have ever seen. Is there any doubt where we all would be if the roles were reversed and this was being done by Dubya or any other Republican President? I’ll guarantee one thing, Piglosi wouldn’t be role playing the part of Lucy and their Committee Chairman wouldn’t be compared to Ricky or citing “I Love Lucy”. It would resemble Saw with one person after another being dismembered on wall to wall coverage in the msm, and no dim would be professing “can’t we all get along and work on some common ground”. Oh and of course the Articles of Impeachment would be the length of your arm.


  2. While all this is happening, what is the Lucy-party working on?
    Pro-women campaign messaging. (See Drudge headline) Because the GOP thinks it needs to engage in the same fake-ass social engineering BS the Dems do in order to win.


  3. Meanwhile – we could sure use another Edward Snowden type in government IT right about now.

    Some rich Republicans should put out a bounty to help draw out the information on this and a host of other issues.


  4. This is and has been for some time now infuriating. Watching and knowing full well what the consequences are going to be and predicted by so many people. Every single piece of this regimes policy is in total collapse. . . . Domestic, Social, Economic, Foreign.

    The entire house of cards is imploding and the Republicans seem to think they are just bystanders and have no role in stopping any of it. This creep changes or ignores any law he doesn’t like or disagrees with by Executive fiat. The opposing party has forgotten that they are a “co-equal, integral part of the three legged stool” that is about to collapse. Every time this creep pulls out his Pen & Phone it’s their authority that is being usurped and undermined. I don’t buy for a minute that they don’t have “standing” to go to the “third branch” and put the brakes on this catastrophic agenda, since they evidently don’t have the orbs to impeach him.

    Everything is slipping into the abyss and they {the republicans} aren’t even trying to rearrange the deck chairs, they seem content with watching everything go down while Claire seems to think that a ambush on “The Oprah’s BFF” over diet pills is the most important thing happening.
    Maybe it’s just me. I’ll put a call into Dr Ablow. . . . “Normal or Nuts”


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