Obama In MN: Pay No Attention To Those ‘Phony Scandals’ – They’re ‘Not On The Level’ (Video)

*The bear is loose and back on the permanent campaign trail to show “the folks” how hard he’s fighting for middle class families™

Speaking to a crowd in Minnesota, Thursday, Obama lamely decried “fabricated issues and phony scandals.”

“It’s all geared towards the next election or ginning up a base,” Obama muttered derisively. “Um…..it’s not on the level.”

It was a pathetic and unconvincing performance.  What  next? *”I am not a crook?”

A new Fox News Poll shows that  76% of Voters Think the IRS Emails Were Deliberately Destroyed. In other words, they think it’s his administration that’s not being “on the level.”

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse: 

Obama brought up a Minnesota  mother whose letter to the White House he used in his ongoing push to raise the minimum wage, but failed to explain how raising the minimum wage would help the accountant struggling in a stagnant, overly regulated economy.

No matter — this is why he ran, you guys – so he could help folks like this mom who reminds him of his own mom – and his g-ma, too – and he and Michelle 20 years ago. Obama reeked of insincerity as he tried to convince  his credulous audience that he could relate to middle America.

The truth? The truth is not so nice. Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky who understands that America’s white middle class is where the power lies. He not trying to help the middle class. He’s trying to destroy it. Which should be obvious, by now.

Mr. Obama has very clearly embodied Alinsky’s epiphany about the middle class. He has been pushing all the buttons of fear, division and partisanship on the one hand, and government benefits and promises of jobs on the other. The very last thing Obama wants, however, is a rising economy and people working. A good economy and jobs deflates the revolutionary possibilities. Every regulation, tax and Obama decree is geared to destroying the middle class. When people are living hand-to-mouth or living on benefits and having to jump through myriad regulatory hoops, they are unable to unite and fight the coming authoritarianism.

That is why it is so galling  to watch this guy cozy up to the middle class every election season. The very people he wants to murder, open the door and hand him the gun. It’s really quite nauseating.

* Obama keeps pushing this meme he apparently thinks has a high cool quotient: “The bear is loose!” he’s been saying for the past couple of weeks as he leaves the White House. And his fan bois in the press swoon in appreciation. “Obama said “the bear is loose, omg, isn’t that witty?!”

* It’s not my intention to defame President Nixon by comparing him to Obama. I’m just noting that Barry’s sounding comically defensive, these days.



16 thoughts on “Obama In MN: Pay No Attention To Those ‘Phony Scandals’ – They’re ‘Not On The Level’ (Video)

  1. Everything associated with the appearance of the alias, Barack H. Obama, initially in Chicago is a scandal. His having been illegally placed on the ballot for the U.S. Presidency is a scandal. His having been elected and re-elected are scandals. He says and supports only the disinformation mentioned by CIA director, William Casey, at Casey´s first general assembly of the CIA, 1981. http://www.whale.to/b/casey_h.html


  2. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Disgusting how he can lie, to the American People, who are star-struck and are sedated by his MSM Faux News organizations. I know of a lot of people who are waking up. I wouldn’t cross the street to meet him. He is a pathetic liar.


  3. Obama must be using an innuendo for describing himself as a phony for portraying an American president. Let alone an American pending the validity of his birth certificate. No need to parade around this nation pretending anymore. Your pockets are full now because of your phony scam. What a disgrace!!


  4. There are only a few places left in the country where Uhbama could sell that line of crap and still have some people believe what he is selling.

    The land of 10,000 Flakes just happens to be one of them.


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