Senator Sessions: Senate Dems Go Home To July 4th Barbecues As U.S. Border Descends Into Chaos

Senator Jeff Sessions decried the humanitarian crisis on the border, which he said was a direct result of the president’s open border policies.

He slammed the Democrats for not doing anything constructive to alleviate the problems:

“A week before the July 4th holiday, America can’t even protect its own borders. And what do our Democratic colleagues wish to do? They want to adjourn this chamber, go home to their barbecues, work on their reelection campaigns, and promise while their at home, they’re fighting to end the lawlessness at the border while actually doing nothing. While actually doing nothing but objecting to legislation that would make a real difference.”

Via Senator Session’s website:

Senator Sessions is committed to meaningful comprehensive immigration reform that will restore the rule of law, secure the border and the workplace, and promote the long term national interests of the United States by allowing the best and the brightest to come to America.

Sessions was a leading opponent to the flawed comprehensive immigration bill that was rejected by the America people last year.  It failed because it lacked real enforcement, compromised our security, provided a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants, and did not serve the national interest. The Senate bill would have granted amnesty to the entire illegal alien population, only sought to reduce illegality at the border by 13 percent and would cost the taxpayer $30 billion in just 10 years.


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