Darrell Issa: The DOJ Is Holding Up The Criminal Investigation of IRS Scandal (Video)

The Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee said on Fox News, this morning, that the investigation into the IRS political targeting scandal is being held up by the Justice Department. 

“How long will the Justice Department not take on this case?” Issa asked.

“She broke rules, she broke the law and continues to hide under the Fifth Amendment, which is her right,” Issa told Fox, “she is in fact a person who has been referred for criminal prosecution.”

He added, “my colleague, Elijah Cummings continues to say that this case is over, and has been saying that for over a year, but it’s amazing that until the Justice Department actually does a criminal investigation – hopefully with a special prosecutor – the American people aren’t going to believe for a moment, that in fact, no one is at fault, here – this was just an accident – some rogue people in Cincinnati as Lois and the president would have had you believe.”

The California Republican expressed his hope that political pressure from the mid-term elections would prompt federal attorneys to “go through the motions” of presenting Congress’ contempt charge to a grand jury for possible indictment.

A good follow up to that would have been, “and what if they don’t even do that much?” Because I seriously doubt they will. The GOP will allow itself to be stonewalled into perpetuity.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

6 thoughts on “Darrell Issa: The DOJ Is Holding Up The Criminal Investigation of IRS Scandal (Video)

  1. Issa is part of the problem. There is a long bill of particulars specifying why Holder should be impeached.


  2. Why should Cummings be concerned about finding the truth? He’s got a good thing going, being a waterboy for the administration, perpetuating the new plantation because he sho’ ’nuff ain’t gettin’ po by doing so.


  3. Boy I’ll tell ya…..the dims are so lucky to have Issa as chairman running this investigation. You just can’t get anything by him.

    Of course, that means it sucks for us.



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